~ Change to be based on “Are You Interested In Joining?” or “Are You Super Passionate About Elsword and Content Creation?” – More of a Call to Action

Streams and Videos will be
announced throughout the
Community so that players
      of all ranges are aware of your content!
We’ll assist ELS-Streamers
and provide them with
K-Ching to giveaway on
      their livestreams! Special Opportunities may
      include potentially unique prizes for giveaways.
Special Opportunities may
be granted to
ELS-Streamers which can
      range in content like interviews with GMs
      to reviewing/showcasing new content.
There is a monthly
compensation of K-Ching
granted to ELS-Streamers
      with additional rewards for those that go above
      and beyond!

Being an ELS-Streamer requires passion, energy and drive for Elsword and live-streaming.
You should already be live-streaming or content creating on YouTube or Twitch on a daily
basis for the Elsword Community and joining on to further strengthen the community for
Elsword Video Content.