This Year’s BEST Deals Have Been Unleashed!

11/25/2021 – 11/28/2021 (23:59 PST)
11/26/2021 – 11/27/2021 (23:59 PST)
The best deals are finally here! Time to haul!

Here’s what’s on SALE!

ITEM Price
Ice Burner (Rosa Lethe) 10+5 15001000
Ice Burner (Rosa Lethe) 20+10 30002000
DIY El House (Space Life) 10+5 15001000
DIY El House (Space Life) 20+10 30002000
Blessed Chlorite Seed (10%) 10+5 15001000
Fishing VIP Service Ticket (30 Days) 1200840
El Resonance Page Expansion 33002310
El Resonance Point Reset Coin x100 1000700
Character Nickname Change Card 700490
Phoru's Foot Stamp (Gold) 600420
Phoru's Foot Stamp (White) x5 500350
High-Performance Nasod Megaphone x10 800560
El Tree Fruit x20 350240
Wedding Ring (Propose) 17001190

Missed your chance to get these costumes? Here’s your chance to get ‘em!
Here’s a preview of what these awesome costumes on sale look like!

*The Costumes are not available for Noah characters.