Listen to good music and see how your friends love your home setup!
Plus, enjoy a more streamlined experience with these El House Improvements!



You can now listen to music from across Elrios in your El House!

You can play music using the Music Streaming
Ticket after placing a music player furniture
obtained through DIY EL House or
purchased from NPC Ariel.

Music Streaming Ticket

Obtained through DIY El House


Create Intro messages for your El House and leave messages and likes on your friends’ El House!

  • Daily/Total # of likes will be shown.
  • You can “like” other player homes for a max of 100 per day (1 like per house).
  • You can use the guest book without having to place furniture!


  • From the Guild Base, you can now go directly to your El House!
  • You can enter El House from the fields.
  • You can start visiting other players’ houses by right-clicking and inspecting!
    (You no longer have to go to NPC Ariel if you don’t want to!)
  • Ariel will now have a furniture category in her craft list that will be separated by seasonal and normal furniture!
  • Repeat quests will automatically be accepted when inside the El House.
  • You can now use Profession functions when inside the El House.

Seasonal Furniture

Normal Furniture

*The detailed changes will be available in the Patch Notes.