The young mage has mastered the pure energy emanating from the
magical pendant. She persists as a close-quarter combat specialist,
even though she is restrained by her physique. Until one day, an
even greater source of power enables her to move time and space.



As a close-quarter combat specialist, Aisha is frustrated by her physical weaknesses even after utilizing the power of her mentor’s magical pendant. Luckily, as she spends time in Feita, she learns from Allegro’s scroll about the moonstones that usually fall onto Elrios around the time of the Harmony Festival – when forces of light and darkness are in balance. Moonstones that contain pure energy are rare, but having one can mean even greater abilities for the mage.
Aisha begins the search, and after much effort, she infuses her magical pendant with the moonstone’s power. This causes the immediate time-space to stop, and Aisha witnesses a mere foretelling of the great dimensional power that is now in her possession.



Once Aisha transcends from Battle Magician into Dimension Witch,
new skills will be added to her skill tree.

Impact Hammer
With this special active skill, Aisha can focus energy at the tip of her staff and strike the ground with it, causing an explosion that stuns nearby enemies.
Magic Staff
While dealing attacks with the staff, this passive skill gives Aisha a chance to generate space energy shocks that deal additional damage upon impact.
Screw Driver
A special active skill wherein Aisha whirls a small energy sphere at the tip of her staff and dashes forward. The resulting force pulls in enemies and deals multiple hits.


Space Leap
A passive skill that gives Aisha the ability to teleport downwards, and activates a quick buff that increases additional damage after teleporting and performing specific actions.
Space Distortion
This active skill enables Aisha to twist space to create a distortion that will deal damage to nearby enemies in contact with it. Simultaneously, the distortion will disrupt weapon attacks and absorb projectiles.



Try Dimension Witch without starting over! You can get your advanced
Aisha to switch to a job in a different path using a Class Change Ticket.


Space Leap
Skill Unlock Item
  Dimension Witch
2nd Job Change Item