Required Lv: Lv. 40+
Capacity: Solo
Entry Limit: 3 Times a Day
Stamina Cost: 0
No. of Stages: 30 Stages
Resurrection Limit: 3 Times

The following items will be disabled:
Pet Quick Slot, Mount, and Stamina.

• Players can find the Dimension of Sinister Intent at the 'Special' tab of the dungeon UI
  • Fight with NPCs in all 30 stages of the dungeon
  • The NPCs’ levels will increase as you clear higher stages
  • When a player has failed to clear the stage, the NPC stats will decrease by 10%
  • NPC stat decrease will stack up to 60%.
  • NPCs will recover 10 bars worth of health every time a player resurrects.
• Players will be able to continue their progress to the next stage once they go back in.
• Click on the golden arrow to hide interface.
Finishing each stage will reward players
with a Relic of Sinister Intent
Clearing all 30 stages will reward players
with a Book of Sinister Intent
Dimension Master Accessories Set
Master's Hair Pin
Master's Mask
Master's Symbol
Master's Earrings
Master's Eye
Master's Wings
Master's Bracelet
Master's Leg Wing
New Item!
Scroll of Sinister Intent
Resets the dungeon’s current stage to stage 1
Get all the help you need to conquer the Dimension of Sinister Intent.
With Pane’s (Feita’s lovely new NPC) help, you’ll be clearing the stages like mad!
Get this lovely new title by logging in for an accumulated time of 10 minutes!
Click the image for stats
Pane’s Assistance (15 Days)
Per character
Get a total of 10 Sinister Intent Entrance Ticket by logging in for 10 minutes!
Allows 1 additional entrance to the
Dimension of Sinister Intent dungeon.
Sinister Intent Ticket (7 Days)
Per character
We want you to level up faster so you can experience the dungeon sooner!
Don’t miss this opportunity!
LV 40-99 Quests
Earn an extra
By clearing the Dimension of Sinister Intent Daily!
*This event is per character
Continuing to clear the dungeon will give players awesome rewards such as
Dimension Master’s
Accessory Full Set Cube

(15 Days) x1
[Cobo] Blesssed Time
and Space's Scroll x5

Per account
[Cobo] Sage's Cube x1
Yields Sage’s Magic Stone x20
or Philosopher’s Scroll x3

Per account
Clear Dimension of Sinister
Intent Stage 3
Clear Dimension of Sinister
Intent Stage 9
Clear Dimension of Sinister
Intent Stage 15
*This event is per account