04/24/2019 – 07/16/2019 (Ends 23:59 PDT)

All Accessories, and Weapons will also be dropped as cubes
Starting with Crescent Lullaby!

Here’s What’s Inside this Epic Ice Burner!

Get 100%

1 Random

The More Pieces You Have the Stronger You are!

3-Piece Accessory Set Effects

3% chance of

when attacking
(Cooldown: 3 Seconds.)

Enemies hit will have attack speed decreased by 5%
for 2 sec. (PvP Only)
Apply ‘Crescent Moon's Blessing’
Increase Maximize, Critical by 10 %
when attacking enemies
with Harsh Winter (5% in PvP)

4-Piece Accessory Set Effects

3% chance of Chilling Winter when attacking
(No hit-stuns, Cooldown: 3 Seconds.)

Craft Accessories Through Ariel!

You’ll be even stronger with this accessory!