If you were the last of a fallen kingdom’s nobles, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to revive it? The highborn Nasod will stop at nothing to restore the Nasod race to its former glory. A great sacrifice will have to be made, as she harnesses the Dark El and moonstone powers to control a newfound code.



As Eve adapts to the Electra Code, she hears of another unfamiliar circuitry from Ponggos. At first, her search leads to a faulty circuit with missing parts. Her succeeding mission to complete the circuit involves a visit to Nasods in Altera Core to retrieve traces of the code, and an encounter with King Nasod for another piece of code.
This new code circuit seems to be compatible with the Electra Code, but she needs a great amount of energy to fuel it. She’s about to abandon the mission when the Ponggos give her the answer: the dark El can provide sizeable energy she can use. This leads to another problem—dark energy can be too difficult to control in this code circuit. Luckily, Eve’s fellow El search party member Aisha shares the idea of fusing the dark El with a moonstone to make it easier to control. It works, but not for long.
Eve finds the new code crashed often with the Electra Code, and it is because of human elements that mechanized creatures like her shouldn’t even have: emotions from memories accumulated throughout her adventures with the El Search Party. Even though terminating all emotion seems too high a price, she gives in. Eve becomes Code Battle Seraph, for the ultimate revival of the Nasod Kingdom.



Once Eve evolves from Code Electra into Code Battle Seraph,
new skills will be added to her skill tree.

Energy Needles
With this special active skill, Eve generates multiple electric spears from behind her, unleashed forward one after the other.
High-power Electronic Circuit
This passive skill overhauls Eve’s output circuit, increasing the distance and speed of her dashes.
Energetic Heart
A special active skill that boosts the core’s output power to its maximum for a limited time and activates the Fusion Mode.
Hyper Optical Research
This passive skill increases the size of Amplify force fields and adds a new Reactive Mode. Reactive Mode turns all electrons and beams into homing attacks.
Taser Pilum
In this active skill, Eve concentrates the El energy within to generate a potent electric spear that stuns the target.



Change into Code Battle Seraph today! Grab a Class Change Ticket for an advanced Eve to switch jobs between different paths.


Hyper Optical Research
Skill Unlock Item
  Code Battle Seraph
2nd Job Change Item