06/23 – 7/12

Play Chung for 60 consecutive minutes to enter!
You can receive one entry into the sweepstakes
per day of the sweepstakes per account

5,000 K-Ching
1 Winner
2,000 K-Ching
20 Winners
1,000 K-Ching
30 Winners
500 K-Ching
50 Winners
06/23 – 7/02

Give our armored cutie some love by showing
off an epic screenshot of you playing Chung.
Then post the screenshot on our Facebook page!
It’s so simple!

500 K-Ching
To 10 random players!

07/03 – 7/12

On his special day, Chung gets to go spend some time in the water!
Print out a Chung chibi image and take a picture of it near whatever
water source you can think of!
Is it the beach? The pool? A boiling pot of water? It’s up to you!

500 K-Ching + swag
To 10 best entries!