Common - Damage of All Projectile Commands is decreased in PvP.
Common Dash X Afterimage hit from Dash X Command is removed.
Fury Guardian
Burst Wolf
New function to transfer debuff from nearby party members (maximum two), is added.

Lunatic Fury
Initial Motion time is decreased.
Iron Paladin
Artillery Nova
The cannon hit will deal a small damage and knockback the enemy.
Charging speed is increased.

Doom Strike
Casting speed is increased.
First hit pulls the enemy closer.

Strong Will
Command MP gain effect is decreased.

Iron Howling
Stun duration of initial shout and additional shouts decreased.

Advanced Metabolic Boost
Command MP gain effect is decreased.
Deadly Chaser Command Magic Bullet Attack range is increased.
Number of penetration is increased.

Intense Showtime
In Berserk, increases the skills' MP consumption and cooldown reduction.

Rapid Cannon
Cannon fire now hit enemies that are close to Chung.

Gas Piston System
Critical Damage boost is increased.
Automatic Reload chance is increased.

Shooting Star
The projectile wont track the target if they are out of range in PVP.

Bullet Blitz
Track function has been improved.

Tussle Technique
New Effect: When awakening, have a chance to enter Berserk mode.

Deadly Shot
Heavy trait effect is increased.
Shelling Guardian
Modified Warhead
Knockdown reduction and MP gain effect is decreased.

Dread Chase
Old skill note effect of scatter shot function is applied.
Damage and MP gain will change to accommodate the new scatter shot function.
Tactical Trooper
Commanders Mark
Damage calculation error is fixed.
Tooltip will be fixed.

Tactical Field - Endurance
Skill Name changed to Tactical Field.
Damage boost, damage reduction, and MP recovery effect is decreased.

Carpet Bombing
MP Recovery system is improved.