Sakra Devanam: The Next Step for Little Hsien
The brave young Ara Haan has acquired considerable experience battling the demons influenced by the Dark El. Through her journey, the martial artist has gained an important insight—that even the purest of hearts can turn evil and, sooner or later, abide by evil forces. Having seen her brother succumb to such a curse, she continues to search for him while following the path of justice.
While in Feita, Ara acts as the punisher of shadows, fighting the demons while upholding the good. Witnessing all of this, the spirit of the nine tailed fox Eun bestows upon Ara a new title, Sakra Devanam—’the legendary god that ruled the heavens’—believing that it will make the martial artist even more powerful. Now with intensifying ability, Ara continues on her journey to find Aren.
Tiger Arts: Unleash a New Secret Skill!
As Sakra Devanam, Ara expands her martial arts expertise with the Tiger Arts, which consist of four significant skills:

Rock Smash
Charge and slam into enemies, dealing
multiple hits. (May be learned while in
Little Hsien form and onwards)
Tiger Claw
Charge forward and slash twice in Super
Armor status. (May be learned while in
Little Hsien form and onwards)
Earth Axis
Swing the spear and deal a kick.
Evasion ability increases temporarily.
Raging Wave
Plow your spear into the ground, pushing
targets back. This skill creates a chance to
break the enemy’s armor.

When you have learned these four skills, you can use them in succession in order to
unlock the Secret Tiger Arts attack called Fierce Tiger.

Charge up your power and forcefully swing the spear.


2nd Job Change Item: Sakra Devanam’s Oath
Skip the 2nd Job Change quests and transform from Little Hsien into Sakra Devanam instantly!
Only 400 K-Ching