Style Spotlight – February 2017
It's time to show off your fashion sense with this month's
Style Spotlight! The theme is Couples, so
head over to the forums to see how
you can enter today!
February 9th - 28th
GM/Mod Valentine Notes
Everyone loves receiving Valentines, and the GMs
and Forum Mods are no different! Create the
perfect Valentine for the GM or Mod of your choice
and share it with them on the forums.
February 9th - 28th
Love in Elrios
Love comes in all shapes and sizes, in many
different forms. For this event, we want you to grab
a friend and take a screenshot that shows the love
you have for one another. Then post it on the
Facebook Event Page to share with the world!
February 9th – 22nd
Confessions to an NPC
Secretly love an NPC in the game, but haven't been
able to confess your feelings? Well, there is no
better time than now. Write a poem to your favorite
NPC to share it with them today!
February 8th - 21st
Note: Schedules are in Pacific time (PST).