Wechsel (Active):
Destroy the seed of chaos and convert it into a powerful source of energy to enhance the wielder's body.

Wavering Faith (Passive):
With the influence of chaos consuming a confused agent. Ain's control over this chaos withers and becomes dangerously unstable. The Seed of Chaos that marks this growing decline materializes.

Schmerz (Special Active):
Attack unsuspecting victims with dark spires summoned from the ground below. The spires deal more damage as the target is pushed back along its path.

Reflexion (Special Active):
Encapsulate the energy drawn from the corrupted power of creation into Reflex Spheres. The spheres will protect its conjurer or trackdown any hostile presence.

Geist Herrschaft (Active):
Resonate the twisted power of creation and weaken your enemies' will then bend them to yours.
Alptraum (Special Actives):
Absorbs the El energy from the surroundings then turn it into a corrupted force. After a certain period of time, the gathered energy erupts and explodes. The remnants of the dark energy floats around and deals damage on contact.

Brechen (Active):
Hurl deadly fragments imbued with the power of chaos. The fragments explode on contact and deal damage.

Verzweiflung (Special Active):
Rupture time and space and materialize Henir's chaos to attack targets ahead. The attack ignores effects of guard stances.

Entfernen (Special Active):
Unleash a rushing torrent of dark energy that was given form with the twisted power of creation. The violent burst of energy consumes everything on its wake.

Seed of Chaos
  • Gives a buff to Ain. The ability stacks
  • Damage reduction status increases by 10% / 15% / 20% per stage
  • MP Recovery Rate while being attacked or attacking increases by 10% / 15% / 20% per stage

  • The Seed of Chaos grows based on absorption stack.
  • Ain will receive Absorption stacks when using skills.
  • Certain number of stacks will activate the corresponding stage of the Seed of Chaos.
  • Activating Wechsel, deactivates Absorption. Dying and moving to a village map will deactivate it as well.