Sabelheib Sequenz (Active):
After projecting a dagger, quickly cut an enemy 3 times.

Brocken Aushauen (Special Active):
After slashing upwards with a projected longsword, move quickly to leave behind after images that carve out and throw spears of the gods to crush the target.

Continuous Projection (Passive):
Maximum MP is permanently increased and the consumption for Continuous Projection skills is optimized.

Drehen Hintern (Active):
Dash forward instantaneously. During the dash, move to the rear of the target to strike.

Zweit • Schneiden (Special Active):
Focus the mind and project a longsword that cuts targets nearby. Gain Super Armor and immunity to all disabling status.
Dritt • Attentat (Special Active):
Cause an impact at the nearest enemy in a frontal fan-shaped area and throw 3 daggers at the target hit.

Fessel Heilig (Special Active):
Throw a projected dagger with a sealed chain of the gods [Gleipnir] forward.

Viert • Werfen Speer (Special Active):
Instantly dive towards the nearest enemy with a projected dagger. Afterwards, project the [Werfen Speer] towards it.

Zweit • Sicheln (Active):
Project a longsword and slash downwards.

Though he decided to join the El Search Party in retrieving Ruben's El to fulfill his own mission, Ain felt a growing frustration and doubt about human beings as the adventure progressed.

When he went into the Dark Forest, where it was reportedly connected to the Demon's Realm, he fought endless battles using weapon projections and creation magic through the Goddess's power.

Due to the continuous use of the Goddess' power, Ain was losing his human element that he needed to get along with humans in Elrios. Wally's evil deed, in addition to the disappointment in humans, led him to give up hope on humans and take his own line.

Focusing on enhancing his own Goddess' power, he gathered all his energy in teleporting, fighting in close range combats, and projecting more powerful Goddess' weapons.