Alchimie Eid (Active):
Freely create [Eids] from various commands and skills for a certain period of time by concentrating the cycle power.

Inner Growth (Passive):
Increases MAX MP and the size of X projectile. Also improves the Power Gauge and Gain according to Eids' amount.

Stom Stark (Special Active):
Incapacitate your enemies with the force of strong cycle waves. (Can only be activated in midair.)

Lind Scheinen (Special Active):
Cause massive explosions from resonating El Spheres by the extracting El Energy from the ground.

Communion (Passive):
Willfully accept various Edel Eids, empower trust, strengthen bonds and feel sympathy with the human world.

Flamme Emotion (Hyperactive):
A product of cycling and manipulating the El Energy from different sources nearby. Conjure an enourmous sphere of condensed energy that radiates with near infinite power while vaporizing everything it comes contact with.
Requiem (Special Active):
Muster the Ultimate El Power in your hands and let your [Eid] shape its form.

Luft Versprengen (Special Active):
Control the flow of the surrounding El energy and create an El Storms that slices enemies nearby.

Ruhig (Active):
Release a dense El Cycle Projectile that pierce through the enemies ahead. The Cycle Projectile stops at a point upon reaching its maximum range and lingers for a small period of time.

Elfe (Special Active):
Imbue the Contract Chant on the ground then swiftly teleport away from the spot. The Contract Chant then attacks unweary foes standing above it.

Proof Eid (Passive):
Being accustomed on feeling emotions, furthers bonds and grants enhanced abilities to handle [Eid].

Ain decided to call this power that was discovered during the recent battle -- the form of the holy contract that fused the El energy and the power of the goddess -- Eid. Afterwards, Ain started creating Eids by combining the two energies and began using them in battle, but he was still unable to control the powers fully. When he witnessed his companions struggling against the large powerful army in the Altera region, Ain felt an uneasiness in his emotions that he would not have felt before. Ain tried to fight against these foreign emotions and strengthen himself by strengthening his spirit.

The El Search Party learns that the Demon Invasion has begun in earnest through King Nasod's tales. When Ain saw his comrades standing up against the overwhelming attacks from the Demon Realm, he felt a connection and trust forming between them. The Eids also started growing stronger with the emotions that flourished within Ain. While encountering dangerous situations during the battle against a powerful demon, Ain protects the El Search Party with his powers. This enabled Ain to form true connections with the El Search Party and finally, the El energy and the power of the goddess form a perfect contract.

The ultimate harmony between the El energy and the power of the goddess has been reached allowing Ain to create and use multiple Eids freely to cause endless variations in form.

El Keim
A newly created power that was formed by combining
the El Energy with the Power of God.

• Specific skills will activate El Keim unto the attacking enemy.
Swaying El Keim will debuff cursed enemies by making them receive 5% more damage when using Eid: Circulation or Edel Eid Reaction skills.