Fantasiegebilde Speer (Active):
Project Fantasiegebilde Speer diagonally from the ground behind and in front and maintain them for a certain period of time.

Autosuggestion (Special Active):
Goddess Ishmael grants you maximum power, emitting a magical storm and temporarily entering a strengthened state of [Autosuggestion].

Reinforced Projection (Passive):
Using the granted power of god, awakening duration is permanently increased and energy used for projection magic is used to strengthen oneself.

Brocken Phantasm (Special Active):
Due to the suppression of the world, project an incomplete form of the spear of the gods and throw it forward. Press and hold the skill key to charge, and while charging, become immune to all disabling status condition.

Dreimal • Schwerttanz (Special Active):
Project a longsword to slash the surrounding area and clone it multiple times before throwing them.

Dritt • Gelerechi (Active):
Concentrate the energy of El into a projected dagger and stab.
Fragarach (Special Active):
Continuously project the marbles of light [Fragarach] contaiing the condensed power of the gods.

Still Lenze (Special Active):
Project the spear of the gods [Still Lenze] and stab enemies in front.

Ring of Circulation (Passive):
Remove some of the damage received and convert it into the Power of authority. Power Gauge gain/consumption is permanently increased.

Power of Creation (Passive):
Critical and critical damage are permanently increased and when in [Authority: Creation] mode, damage on the additional attacks and MP gain have a chance to be increased. When this effect triggers, all special actives and skills have their cooldown reduced.

Erst der Letzt (Hyperactive):
Summon God's weapon [Erst der Letzt] through the pendulum and release concentrated magic power to wipeout the surrounding area.

As the battle against the major Nasod army with tremendous power in Altera, the land of Nasods, kept going on, Ain felt that his enhanced Goddess's power was reaching the limit.

While finding himself being swayed and not entirely devoted into the mission, he heard the news that the invasion of demons gained momentum through the King Nasod. He settled himself and decided to be fully committed to fulfilling his mission as the Goddess's Emissary.

Based on Allegro's information and the battles with demons, he realized that demons are much stronger and dangerous creatures than he thought. Accordingly, he ended up releasing the limiter of his own Goddess's power and activating Erst der Letzt, the strongest sword given by the Goddess.