Nichts Feld (Buff):
Enter a trance and envelop oneself with the protection from Henir's Realm.

Enlightenment (Passive):
Attains resolve and clarity despite of chaos and accepts the true power gained from Henir.

Totentanz (Special Active):
Release the power of Henir and suffocate the surrounding area with chaos and void.

Abgrund (Special Active):
Distort reality and corrupt your surroundings with the power of Henir. Unleash fragments of the broken space in frenzied chaos.

New Belief (Passive):
Find enlightenment amidst the chaos and be reborn.

Ende der Weld (Hyperactive):
Call upon a massive scythe, created using the hidden power of chaos, to rip the dimensions apart and open a fissure to the nether reaches of Henir. The overflowing chaos and malice from Henir pours in through the fissure and engulfs everything with the void.
Gottvergessen Sense (Special Active):
Obliterate all foes ahead you with a single swing of a weapon created from confusion, doubt and the power of Henir's chaos.

Fesseln (Special Active):
Latch a bounding chain made from the concentrated power of Henir that allows Ain to take his enemy's vital force.

Leere (Active):
Materialize a seed of chaos in the fabric space that inflicts a defeaning void to its victim.

Mauer (Special Active):
Expand the surrounding space and open a rift in the dimensions to conjure a force field that returns a portion of incoming damage to the attacker.

Ruler of the Abyss (Passive):
Be consumed by the absolute power of Henir without being restrained by his mission.

Seed of Chaos
  • Gives a buff to Ain. The ability stacks
  • Damage reduction status increases by 10% / 15% / 20% per stage
  • MP Recovery Rate while being attacked or attacking increases by 10% / 15% / 20% per stage

  • The Seed of Chaos grows based on absorption stack.
  • Ain will receive Absorption stacks when using skills.
  • Certain number of stacks will activate the corresponding stage of the Seed of Chaos.
  • Activating Wechsel, deactivates Absorption. Dying and moving to a village map will deactivate it as well.