Eid Weis (Active):
Concentrate and gather the El energy in the air, convert it into the [Eid] required resulting in a powerful radiance.

Noble Oath: Eid (Passive)
Increase the range and the radius of [X] commands. Grants the ability to handle 3 types of [Eids] (Mut/ Rein/ Wille), which are imbued with the El energy, and the [El Keim], which amplifiies certain skills.

Vertieidi (Special Active):
Swiftly cycle the surrounding El energy and release spheres of concentrated El energy that seeks out nearby targets.

Wind Einfallen (Special Active):
Create a sphere of concentrated El Energy that slows and inflict damage to enemies nearby. The sphere collapses and explodes then stuns surrounding enemies.
Lied Schwach (Active):
Randomly generate an [Eid] at will, while simultaneously generating a Cycle Circle that distorts the space on nearest enemy ahead.

Angriff (Special Active):
Collapse a portion of space from dense El energy that pulls in surrounding targets then violently explodes from the unstable concentration.

Echo Licht (Active):
Condense surrounding El energy to form an El Energy Sphere that can be hurled forth and back towards you.

Diamant Regen (Special Active):
Condense El energy into a elegant string of hardened diamonds and use this to lash down your foes ahead.

Blatt Blume (Special Active):
Materialize a field of El energy that abides by the [Eid] of its caster.

As Ain continues to travel with the El Search Party, he feels progressively more disappointed and skeptical of the humans and the other Elians he encounters. Furthermore, Ain cannot understand why the El Search Party would keep listening to their demands when he thinks those demands are outrageous and a waste of time.

But as he continued to journey with them, a feeling of intrigue bubbles up from within him. The El Search Party never gives up despite their constant mistakes nor do they ignore requests from Elians even if it leads them to a slew of wild goose chases. What is their driving force that allows them to endure countless hardship and struggles, what is it that allows them to fight a battle with their lives at stake? During the battle at Wally's Castle, when everyone, including the villagers, are fighting together, the El Search Party was more worried about the safety of the villagers rather than their own.

Although Ain thought this was unnecessary and strange, he too, feels his emotions move as he helps the El Search Party protect the villagers. In that battle, Ain felt the El energy envelope him for the first time and when that energy fused with the power of the goddess, a new harmony of the two powers settled in to form Lofty: Anpassen.

El Keim
A newly created power that was formed by combining
the El Energy with the Power of God.

• Specific skills will activate El Keim unto the attacking enemy.
Swaying El Keim will debuff cursed enemies by making them receive 5% more damage when using Eid: Circulation or Edel Eid Reaction skills.