Sex: Male
Age: Looks like he's 21 years-old
Weapon: Pendulum
General Demeanor: Easy-going and laid-back, laughing off trivial things. Hardly loses his temper or displays extreme emotions


Abschluss (Active):
Reconstruct the surrounding El to create an isolated place.

Explosion (Special Active):
After concentrating the El Energy in front, it expands in an instant to cause an explosion.

Erst • Bohren (Special Active):
Project the first spear (Erst • Bohren) using the Power of God and throw it.

Drit • Stilett (Active):
Summons Drit • Stilett that can be fired to hit enemies.
Bohren • Vereisen (Special Active):
Momentarily stop all El Movement in front to quickly freeze the area.

Sankrosankt Zertreten (Special Active):
Causes a chain reaction by manipulating the surrounding El Energy. Project a celestial armory that attacks continuously and then detonate the gathered El Energy.

Schwertz Platzen (Special Active):
Breaks through the ability limit for a certain amount of time using the power of Ishmael, and when using a command attack, the El Power will explode to inflict additional damage.
A mysterious man who appeared before the El Search Party while looking for the El Shard.

Ain introduced himself as a priest serving the Goddess and offered to help them find the stolen Ruben El Shard but many things about him still remain under a veil of mystery.

He practices magic at a higher level than that in Elrios, using a pendulum as a medium, and plays entirely different battles by summoning and projecting weapons from the God's Realm.