Dritt • Erosion (Special Active)
Project a longsword and dash forward your foes to cut them down and stop them from running.
Awakened Will: Arme Thaumaturgy (Passive)
Release the power symbolizing the creation power and additionally enhance various abilities.
Zweit • Ritus (Active)
Project a long sword and strike the enemy at the front. Jump after the strike, bring down the sword to the enemy and reduce the enemy's knockdown resistance.
Awakened One (Passive)
Enhances the body further.
Brennen Pantasma Broden (Special Active)
Project a sanctuary on the ground and break the limits of projection magic. The use of command/active skills in the sanctuary grants additional damage to each attack.
Mittler (Passive)
Deviate from the world and ignore all conventions. March ahead with the power of the Goddess and reduce Time Stop and Stun duration. While in [God's Power: Creation Magic] status, Afterimage damage is increased and gain the chance to inflict [Bleed] status for targets attacked.
Bewaschen Feste • Gott Waffe (Special Active)
Scatter a mass of magic circles above a surrounding area and bombard your foes with countless projected weapons