[3rd Job] Elsword 1st Path


"From now on, I'll forge my own path."

No longer obsessed with ‘catching up with his sister,’ Elsword now walks his own path while shouldering everyone’s expectations as the Knight of Elrios. As he has overcome many trials to become stronger, Elsword never gave up, even in difficult situations. To be closer to his sister, Elsword became a Knight of Velder, eventually working up the ranks to become Lord Knight, the strongest of the knights. But he was discouraged when he met his sister again and realized that Elesis had also become stronger.

His lack of confidence influenced his decision to sacrifice himself in the end. However, when his friends did everything they could to save him, he realized the importance of friendship and decided to believe in himself, just like his friends believe in him. Now Elsword no longer chases the shadow of his sister, but finds his own future to walk towards with everyone he cherishes.

"We will never lose, we’ll just get back up every time!"

Elsword will now leave his own mark on history, forging a new path with his hands every step of the way.