• December 30th Patch Notes

    December 29th, 2020
    [Maintenance Schedule]
    2020-12-30 00:00 AM ~ 2020-12-30 03:00 AM PST
    • Noah 1st Line Pre-Event
    • New Character Pre-Registration Event
    [Cash Items]
    ★ Added

    • Costume Illustration Skill Cut-In 3rd
      (2020-12-30 00:00 ~ 2021-01-26 23:59)


    [Add] [Mastermind]
    1. Fixed Install – Zero Kelvin Generator install skill activation period being different than usual when activated in a certain way.


    1. Fixed dungeon background color not applying to the pet.

    Fix / Improvement

    1. As shared in a previous announcement, Heroic Dungeon Pre-Revamp materials will be removed and no longer will be available for exchange upon 12/30 W maintenance. Please check the details in Heroic Dungeon Material Changes announcement and use the items before they are removed.
    2. Elsword ~ Lu/Ciel ELS Gothic Loli Mask will be removed from the item mall
    3. Some in-game font and UIs will change.
      • Dungeon START/CLEAR/FAILED, Damage Combo, Event Scene Mouse Cursor, and other UIs have changed.
      • Dungeon Party and PvP / Ereda participating players UI will change.
    4. Fixed party member still showing up on some party list when they exit during dungeon event scene.
    5. Fixed “Look has already been stored” pop-up showing when you activate the Magic Wardrobe UI using the Magic Wardrobe ticket, then click on the search bar while having the Item Part search parameter selected.
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