• Come & Join the GM Plays this November!

    November 9th, 2020

    GM Plays is here once more and this time there’s more to do!
    You can now run more regions with the GMs and we’ve added PVP
    that rewards winners with TONS of K-Ching!

    Now’s your chance! Join the fun!

    We will be livestreaming the GM Plays at:


    Have fun traversing these regions with your favorite GMs! It’ll be such a breeze!
    Players will have a chance to join a GM during these days and times only:

    (GM Parties open at 4:00 PM PT to 7:00 PM ET)

    Nov 9 – Elrianode City
    Nov 16 – Elrianode Tower Defense
    Nov 23 – Forgotten Elrian Sanctum
    Nov 10 – Guardian’s Forest
    Nov 17 – Dark Elves’ Outpost
    Nov 24 – Shadow Vein
    Master Road
    Nov 11 – Water Dragon’s Compass
    Nov 18 – Spirit Sanctum
    Nov 25 – Nasod Testing Chamber

    Same rules as before!

    • When it’s about to begin, an In-Game Announcement will be made!
    • Check the FindParty UI and look for
      the GM rooms.
    • Apply to join and wait to be selected
      by the GM.
    • Once players have been selected,
      the dungeon run will start!

    After every successful dungeon run, the GMs will give you your rewards via your mailbox!

    GM’s Gift Cube

    [Luriel] Highly Concentrated
    Recovery Potion x50

    Elixir Selective
    Cube x3
    Hover to view contents

    *All “GM’s Gift Cube” items will be distributed by the following weekday after the player participated.
    *If you do not receive “GM’s Gift Cube” Item from the mailbox, or do not open the cube, the item will be removed 2020-12-01 23:59 PST

    [Ariel]Hedgehog Adventurer
    Costume Suit (30 Days)
    Hover to view contents

    After you’ve conquered the dungeons with the GMs,
    it’s time to test your mettle against each other and even against the GMs
    on Thursdays and Fridays!

    GMs vs Community
    Nov 12 – Team Rush vs Team Raiden
    Nov 19 – GMs vs the Community!
    NA Only
    Friday Pop-Up 2v2 Tournament

    Nov 13 – All Equipment Allowed
    Nov 20 – Sparring Equipment Only
    A Special Discord Channel will be opened on
    the Official Elsword Discord (discord.gg/elsword)
    1 Hour prior to the Livestream for early registration!
    Format: PVP League
    Mode: Power
    Kills: 4
    Time: 420 Seconds
    Map: Team Random

    More Details on Tournament Rulings
    will be included in the Special Discord Channel

    NA Only

    GM vs Community Rewards

    If you win your match,
    each player on the team will get:

    Pop-Up 2v2 Tourney Rewards

    1st Place (2,500 K-Ching each)

    1st Place (1,500 K-Ching each)

    3rd Place (500 K-Ching each)

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