• [ANNOUNCEMENT] Official Elsword Forums Suspension of Service

    September 3rd, 2020

    Hello Adventurers,

    Starting September 23rd 2020, please be advised that the Official Elsword Forums will be closed.

    While we are aware that there are players that regularly used the Forums, the Elsword Team have noticed a significant decline in the Forum Population in favor for other community platforms such as Discord and Twitter. This has left the Forums with minimal discussions overall and underpopulated. As a result, we have made the decision to close the Official Elsword Forum in favor for supporting other Community Platforms.

    As a result, we would like to ask all players to begin resolving any incomplete trades (both in-game and art trades) as soon as possible to minimize any potential issues that may arise.

    In addition, if any Guide Author(s) wish to retain their Game Guides, please ensure that the guides are appropriately transferred to alternate documentation methods (for instance, Google Documents) prior to the Forums’ closure. These can also be posted on the “#Guides” channel on the Official Elsword Discord.

    In preparation for the Forum’s closure, we’d like to bring to attention the following dates and information:
    – Effective from this Announcement, Players will no longer be able to register new Forum Accounts
    – Following September 16th, the Forums will be on a Read-Only state starting September 16th so new posts and replies cannot be sent. Please note that the Forums will remain viewable for archiving purposes for players during this period.

    We want to apologize for any inconveniences caused by the Forums’ closure and want to thank all players for their participation and support of the Official Elsword Forums which have remained an integral part of the Community for 9 Years.

    For other Community Platforms, check out the following links:

    – Elsword Team

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