• NEW! El Search Party Collection Update!

    July 14th, 2020

    El Search Party Collection is a new system
    in which you gain more buffs for having more characters.
    The characters must be Lv. 99 or higher, and at least 1st class
    in order to register.

    Each character has a unique collection effect per job path.
    These effects will be applied whenever characters
    are in dungeons or in PVP.
    (excludes Sparring & Ereda Island)
    Collection effect will be the total of each stage effect.

    Collection effect level will increase from 1st class to Master Class.
    The higher your effect level, the more stats are given!

    *Only 1 character per job path can be registered.
    If you have more than 1 character in the same job path, only the character
    with the highest job class will be registered.

    Complete NPC Camilla’s quest to be able to use the
    El Search Party Collection!

    Use [Cobo] El Search Party Collection Book to activate the
    El Search Party Collection.
    Characters that unlock the collection will be added automatically.

    You can also purchase El Search Party Collection Book from the Item Mall.

    Upon using the El Search Party Collection item,
    “El Search Party Collection” will be added
    to the character quick slot menu.

    There is no default hot-key setting, but it can be added
    in the keyboard settings.

    New Chibi Images

    • elsword
    • aisha
    • rena
    • raven
    • eve
    • chung
    • ara
    • elesis
    • add
    • luciel
    • rose
    • ain
    • laby

    Participate in the El Search Party Growth Support Event Now
    to Collect Any Characters You Might Not Have Already!

    Find Out How to Get Even More Buffs
    With the El Search Party Collection – Synergy Effect!

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