• [Event Concluded] Get TONS of Rewards This April Fool’s!

    April 1st, 2020
    04/01/2020 00:00 – 23:59 PDT
    Find out what you’ll get using these items!
    [Cobo] Extraordinary
    Fishing Rod x1
    [Cobo] Trosh Powder
    [Cobo] Trosh Powder
    *You will find your rewards in the character mailbox.
    *Mail rewards will be deleted at 4/1 23:59 PDT
    Fish using Trosh Powder
    and find out which of these rewards will you fish out?
    [Cobo] Blames of Judgement
    – Sardonic Weapon Cube x1
      [Cobo] Mystical Elixir x1
    [Cobo] Semi-Dying Flame
    Accessory Cube x1
      [Luriel] Sage’s Magic
    Stone x1
    [Cobo] Demonic Contact
    Lens Accessory Cube x1
      [Luriel] Fighter Potion x1
    [Cobo] Flames of Judgement
    Accessory Cube x1
      [Cobo] Golden Lobster
    Shell x1
    [Cobo] Fool’s Gold
    (1Day) Title x1
    *Items will be deleted at 4/1 23:59 PDT except for
    Sage’s Magic Stones and Fighter Potions which are permanent.
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