• More Quality of Life Improvements Coming Your Way!

    July 16th, 2019

    Market Board Sub-Categories Added

    • Custom, Pet, and Mount will be added as categories on the left when searching for items in the market board.

    Item Tooltip Improvement

    • The window that pops up right before using the item will now include the name of your character.
      • In case of using Lu or Ciel, the name will indicate whoever is currently in use.
    • Items that cannot be used by certain characters will have a pop up stating it cannot be used by the current character.
    • When upgrading items, the remaining seal count of the item will be updated when you preview the remaining seal count of the upgraded item.

    Guild Related

    • New guild banner insignias have been added: Laby (Color) and Laby (B&W).
    • Guild Skill page can be expanded up to 3 pages.

    Pet Related

    • You can now give your pets multiple items at once to refill their nutrients.
    • Help Digest button will be added to the pet growth window
    • 3 new achievements related to the Pet Expedition have been added:
    Achievement Condition
    I get my own food! Complete Pet Expedition 10 times
    Elrios Problem Solver! Complete Pet Expedition 100 times
    Elite Expedition! Complete Pet Expedition 500 times


    Dungeon Related Improvements

    • When entering dungeons with limited use to consumables, all your HP/MP will be fully restored.
      • Applied to the following dungeons: Henir’s Time & Space, Dimension of Sinister Intent, Gate of Darkness, the 5 Event Dungeons.
    • When you use an MP Potion in the Gate of Darkness and exit, other MP Potions in the character’s Quick Slot will no longer be on cooldown.
    • The message that pops up when a character dies and fails to clear Henir’s Time and Space will now last 3 seconds from 10 seconds.

    Quest Related

    • Normal quests from certain regions such as field quests, field chain quests will be removed.
      • Players can still complete the quests they’ve already accepted.
    • Items needed for skill quests (The Ultimate Road, Sealed Power, Forbidden Power) will be dropped 100%
    • The requirements for clearing The Ultimate Road 3/5 has been changed from defeating the field mid boss to the defeating the Sander Region boss.
    • The requirements for clearing Forbidden Power 2/5 has been changed from collecting Nasod Energy Device to collecting Micro Nasod Energy Device.

    Fishing Related

    • 4 new achievements related to fishing will be added.
    Achievement Condition
    There are Plenty of Fish in the Hot Springs Attempt Fishing 1,000 times
    Just Keep Fishing, Just Keep Fishing Attempt Fishing 10,000 times
    All Hail the Fishing King! Attempt Fishing 100,000 times
    Golden Lobsters Don’t Boil in the Hot Springs Catch 1 Golden Lobster


    • You can now choose to automatically replace the Fishing Rod, reel, bobber, and bait with an identical item in your character’s inventory when the durability or number reaches 0.
      • Click ‘Auto Fill’ from the Fishing Window to enable this function.
    • You can also choose to automatically stop fishing when your reel or bobber durability reaches 0.
      • Click ‘Auto Cancel’ from the Fishing Window to enable this function.
    • Life Stamina will automatically be displayed when you open the Fishing Window.

    Item Related

    • When dismantling Varnimyr Raid Accessories, you’ll receive 1 Blazing Crystal

    Title Related

    • Certain titles’ category will be adjusted to match how they are obtained.

    Character Icon Change

    • Innocent: will now show both Ishtar + Chevalier
    • Diangelion: will now show both Iblis + Anular
    • Catastrophe: will now show both Timoria + Abysser


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