• Character Reboot Pre Announcement

    July 9th, 2019
    [Update Schedule]
    07/17 (W): 1st Character Reboot (Elsword, Rena, Eve)
    07/31 (W): 2nd Character Reboot (Elesis, Ara, Ain)
    08/14 (W): 3rd Character Reboot (Aisha, Raven, Add, Laby)
    08/28 (W): 4th Character Reboot (Chung, Lu/Ciel, Rose)

    [Main Update Content]
    The Elsword Character Reboot will affect all characters. The major reboots are as follows:

    1. All Character’s Base Stats will be standardized; set to identical levels across all Characters.
    2. All Character’s Base HP will be set to be identical levels across all Characters.
    3. There will be emphasis on differentiating each Character Path, by increasing the respective stat that matches each Path Attack type.
      • Ex) For Physical Attack Paths, there will be an increase in Physical Attack power, while reducing Magical Attack power.
    4. All Characters will deal skill damage according to the Character Path Attack type.
      • Ex) Physical Attack Paths will deal Physical Damage when casting a Skill.
    5. Character Attack commands and priority of the commands will be adjusted.
    6. All Characters will gain 1 ‘Evade when attacked’ Skill.
    7. All Characters will have at least 400 base MP via Passive Skills noted on their Skill Tree.
    8. New Skills will be added for all Character Paths. Some Skill Types and forms will be adjusted for certain characters.
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