• Here’s A Few Updates on The Pet System!

    May 14th, 2019

    Following are the Pet System Revamp information that will be updated during 05/22 (Wed) Maintenance. With this update, the pet’s personality system (Sociable/Shy/Sensible/Impulsive) will be updated to a new Pet Growth system, and the pets will have 4 different abilities.

    Pet Personality

    • The current Pet Personality (Sociable/Shy/Sensible/Impulsive) function will no longer work.
    • The pet’s that have been raised to be Shy, Sensible will receive Growth Points.
    • Pet actions that were influenced by personality will now activate according to new rules and form of the new growth system.
    • Pet Personality Reset Foods at the Item Mall will disappear as soon as the update rolls out. For any Pet Personality Reset Food you own, they can be exchanged for 10 El Tree Fruits from Ariel.

    Pet Abilities

    • Each pet will have 4 abilities. (Each have max growth)
    Type Effect
    Cheer Encouragement cooldown decrease.
    Patience Encouragement duration increase.
    Mastery Pet Skill damage increase.
    Focus Pet Skill MP cost will decrease.

    Pet Growth

    • Pet’s will receive Growth Points every time it.
    • Obtained Growth Points can be used to increase Pet Abilities stats.
    • Not only can you feed the pets directly, but there will also be an option to provide all your pets with food so all your pets can gain Growth Points. (However, each pet still needs time to digest. As such, you will not be able to feed them more than the digestible amount.)

    Special Encouragement

    • When total Growth Points reach a certain number, Special Encouragement will be added as a new skill.
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