• Here Comes the Improvements!

    May 22nd, 2019
    Toggle Awakening Appearance
    • Disable/Enable Characters’ Awakening Appearances
      • This function will instead show a character’s equipped costumes instead of the default awakening appearance.

    Henir Time & Space Ranking Reward
    • Changes in the Henir Time & Space Ranking Rewards Distribution
      • The previous distribution standard was per character. It will be changed to per class (job path) distribution.
      • The following will be the new rewards per ranking method:

    Dungeon Convenience Improvement
    • A “Start with Current Members” Option has been Added to Fahrmann’s Peak (Drabaki) Dungeon.
    • Crimson Trace Reset Ticket Use Have Increased
    • Before: 1 per week After: 2 per week
    • Exiting the Following Dungeon Will No Longer Apply the Reassemble Debuff
      (1 Player Dungeon):
    • Add’s Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon Dimension of Sinister Intent
      Event Dungeons Henir’s Time & Space – Normal
      Hall of El Henir’s Time & Space – Challenge
    • Add’s Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon Stage Clear Effect Removed
      • The slow-motion focus effect after clearing the dungeon has been removed.
    Marketboard Improvement
    • Registered Item Skill Info
      • You can now view an item’s skill info when you hover your mouse on the item and press [Tab].

    • Similar Item Auto Complete Registration
      • When players register an item that they have registered before, the price and quantity will be automatically completed.
    • Searchable El Tear Random Effects
      • Players who register El Tears in the Marketboard will be able to check El Tears that have a similar effect!

    Quick Slot & Inventory Improvement
    • Quick Slot: Same Type Items Stack
      • Ex. If there’s 100 Red-bean Sherbet, 100 [Luriel] Red-bean Sherbet, 100 [Ariel] Red-bean Sherbet, and 100 [Cobo] Red-bean Sherbet, 400 Red-bean Sherbet will be registered to the quick slot no matter which Red-bean Sherbet you right-click.
      • Items registered to the quick slot will not disappear from the inventory.
      • There will be no limit to stacking. If the quantity of the item is 1000 or above, it will list the quantity as "999+"

    • * All equipped quick slot items have been sent to the mail box.

    • Inventory: The Maximum Stack Amount Will Increase for the Following Items:
    • Blessed Enhancement Stones
      (100 ⇒300)
      El Shards (100 ⇒ 300)
      Magic Stones (100 ⇒ 300) El Tear Fragment Powder
      (Red, Blue, Purple) (200 ⇒ 300)
      Concentrated El’s Essence
      (100 ⇒ 300)
      Magical Crystal (400 ⇒ 1000)
    Dungeon Entry Ticket UI Improvement
    • The Free Entrance UI For Dungeons That Require Entry Tickets Have Been Updated
      • Dungeons that offer free entrances will now show how many times a player can enter (Entry Ticket [X])
      • Once all the free entrances have been used. The UI will now show the required entry ticket number (Number X)
      • This will be applied to the following dungeons: Elrianode City, El Tower Defense, Secret Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons, and Event Dungeons.
    Other Improvements
    • Village Video Playback Requirements Have Changed
      • Each Village video will only play once the related
        Epic Quest has been cleared.
      • Village videos will now have unlock requirements.
    • Players are now able to throw 100 Barrier Fragments at once at the Tree Imbued with El Energy (x10 Throw).
    • Dungeon/PVP/Ereda Island Result Screen will now show Class icons.
    • Hardboiled Eggs and Special Sweet Drinks can now be stashed away in the Shared Bank.
    • Magic Stone enchanting will now have an "Apply" button.
    • Checking/Unchecking a Party Damage (Dungeon) in [Options > Game] will also apply/remove Party’s Recovery and HP Cost.
    • Practice Channel Room Creation Rule Change.
      • When a channel name becomes too long, the letters will scroll from right to left.
      • Free channel PVP room creation change: Additional Rules > Apply Stats.
    • PVP will be added as a Title category. Certain titles will have their categories changed.

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