A New Season Begins

Players, a new season has begun!
Will you be this season's champion?

How Do I Participate in League?

In order to participate, you must compete in the online Arena League Season, and battle your way to one of the top 8 contender slots for that League Season.
Once you’ve made it to the top 8, you may select your 2v2 PvP partner from among those who’ve placed in the top 32.
The prizes for the tournament will be as follows:

1st Place: 30,000 K-Ching

2ndPlace: 20,000 K-Ching

3rd Place: 10,000 K-Ching

The Team that wins the 3rd, and final PvP League Tournament will be selected to represent KOG GAMES
in the Elsword International Tournament.

However, the previous 2 tournaments still play a critical role.

The finalists of the first and second tournaments will be placed (seeded) in the semi-finals of the following tournament.

This will significantly increase their chances of winning the final tournament.

The 2 teams that progress to the Final round of the first tournament will be automatically placed (seeded) against the semi-finalists of the second tournament, and the final 2 teams of the second tournament will be placed against the semi-finalists of the 3rd and final tournament. The winners of the third tournament will determine who will represent KOG GAMES in the International Tournament.

Official League Schedule

2nd PVP League 2019-05-22 2019-07-03
Pre-Season 2019-07-03 2019-09-11
3rd PVP League 2019-09-11 2019-10-23

What are the Tournament Rules?
There are several things that differentiate these tournaments with the tournaments we’ve run before.
Following are the rules of our league tournaments.

Match Setting

  • Item: Power
  • Kills: 4
  • Time: 420 sec.
  • Map: Team Random
    • Each Player will be able to ban 1 map each (max total 4)

Standard Rule Set

  • You cannot form a team with same characters/classes.
  • Round 1 is best of one, Semi-Finals are Best of Three, and Finals are Best of Five
  • All Accessories are Allowed (Including Ring of Fury)
  • All Costumes are Allowed
  • All Equipment is Allowed
  • All Sockets & Attributes are Allowed
  • All Titles Allowed
  • All Force Skills Allowed
  • All Hyperactives are Allowed
  • El Resonance Points are Allowed
  • Marriage Skill Disabled