• Elsword, Aisha and Rena Combo Video Winners

    May 16th, 2018
    Meet the winners who submitted videos of their epic combos for the
    first batch of video submissions!
    pbdq – Lord Knight
    StygianNight – Rune Master
    BuckAngel – Immortal
    Undergarment – Aether Sage
    Titekubo – Oz Sorcerer
    Akairuru – Metamorphy
    WSDaPlane – Anemos
    Win17GA – Daybreaker
    ilnvictus – Twilight
    Winners listed above will receive a total of 6,000 K-Ching!
    Those who made it to our picks list will receive 1,000 K-Ching!
    *Winners will be reached via in-game mail to ask their availability to meet with GM Zero
    and receive their prizes. So don’t forget to check your mailboxes!
    *Prizes will be sent out once recording with GM Zero has been completed.
    Submission for Ara, Elesis, and Add is happening right now!
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