• Private Phoru Academy Event

    March 1st, 2017

    School is for learning but these student Phorus are just sleeping their school days away and their terrible Professor Banthus isn’t helping one bit. Take action and help them pay attention in class; wake the Phorus but don’t hurt them! Collect points and whoever gets the most when the time is up wins! Log-in to see how you fare!



    Entering & Matching

    • When players log-in to the game they’ll notice two icons at the top of their screens: one is an event timer notice the other is the Private Phoru Academy Dungeon notice.


    • To enter the dungeon, you’ll need a Private Phoru Academy Student ID which you can get through the events. Players who do not have this item will not be allowed to queue. After obtaining one, open up your map interface and you’ll see a new dungeon icon present in the Elder map tab.
    • Only 2 players are allowed to enter the dungeon. Players will all have to queue up so they could be matched up with a random player. You won’t be able to enter alone or with their current party members.
    • Once inside, players will not be able to use items or mounts.

    Battle Mechanics

    • The dungeon will only consist of 1 stage with 10 Phorus and 1 Professor Banthus.
    • A score tracker is shown at the top middle of the screen


    • Upon entering, players will find Phorus in a classroom. Some are sleeping and others are not.
    • To gain a point, players would need to attack a sleeping Phoru. However, attacking an awake Phoru will make you lose 1 point.
    • Awake Phorus will not sleep again after 5 seconds and there is a very low chance to find all student Phorus asleep at the same time.
    • Professor Banthus, will use skills at random times to attack the “noise making” player.
    • The players would need to compete against each other for the highest score at the end of the dungeon.
    • The dungeon winner will be rewarded with 2 Phoru’s Thank You Stamp, while the player who got the lower score will only receive 1 Phoru’s Thank You Stamp.
    • If one of the two players leave the dungeon, the remaining player will become the winner. However, if the remaining player’s score is below 5, no rewards will be given.


    03/02/2017 – 03/14/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    Event Dungeon Ticket

    • If you want to enter the Phoru Private Academy, you’ll need a Private Phoru Academy Student ID. How do you get that? Just log-in for an accumulated time of 10 minutes and you can got yourself a ticket!
    Timer Event title Rewards Limitation
    Private Phoru Academy Attendance
    [Cobo] Private Phoru Academy Student ID x3
    Per character

    [Cobo] Private Phoru Academy Student ID x5

    [Cobo] Private Phoru Academy Student ID: Cannot be traded, resold, or stored in Shared Bank. Can stack.


    I’ll Wake Him Up!

    • Wake up as many Phorus as you can and collect all the Thank You Stamps to exchange them for the following epic rewards through Ariel!
    Exchange Material Reward
    All Phoru’s Thank You Stamp x25
    [Cobo] Chibi Academy Uniform Cube (15 Days) x1
    All Phoru’s Thank You Stamp x20
    [Cobo] Elrios Fountain Pen Weapon Costume Cube (15 days) x1
    All Phoru’s Thank You Stamp x15
    [Cobo] Spring Quarter Custom Chair Cube (15 days) x1
    Select Phoru’s Thank You Stamp x5
    [Cobo] Potion & Elixir Random Cube x3

    Phoru’s Lunch Box x20
    Resurrection Stone (x5) Cube x1
    El Shard (Mystery) x10
    Stamina Potion x3
    El Tree Seed x3


    Chibi Academy Uniform  Elrios Fountain Pen Weapon

    Cannot be traded or resold. Does not stack and can be stored in Shared Bank.

    Custom Sit Motion: Study Mode  Custom Sit Motion: Troublemaker

    Cannot be resold or stacked. Can be traded. Can be stored in Shared Bank.

    Rewards for Lesson Finishers

    • Win or lose you still get a reward for your hard work in class! The only requirement is, you have to be level 10!
    Quest name Condition Reward Limitation
    [EVENT] Find Phorus dozing off! Clear Private Phoru Academy
    Dungeon 1 time 0/1

    Phoru’s Random Cube x1
    Repeatable Quest
    per character

    Phoru’s Random Cube: Cannot be traded or resold. Can stack and can be stored in Shared Bank.


    The Phoru’s Random Cube will yield the following in random when opened:

    Chibi Academy Uniform Cube x1 Elrios Fountain Pen Weapon Costume Cube x1 Spring Quarter Costume Chair Cube x1 Phoru’s Magical Combiner (x1~3) [Cobo] El Resonance Point Reset Coin x1
    [Cobo] Extreme Nasod Megaphone x1 EXP 50% Medal x1 [Cobo] Blessed Time & Space Scroll x1 [Cobo] El Tree Fruit x1 Sage’s Stone x2

    Craft Your Final Rewards!

    • If you’ve already collected your materials then it’s time to craft for epic costumes, weapons, and sit motions! You can craft the following items through Ariel at no cost!
    Material Reward
    [Cobo] Chibi Academy Uniform Costume (15 Days) x1
    Phoru’s Magical Combiner x45
    Chibi Academy Uniform Costume x1
    [Cobo] Elrios Fountain Pen Weapon (15 days) x1
    Phoru’s Magical Combiner x30
    Elrios Fountain Pen Weapon x1
    Phoru’s Magical Combiner x10 Custom Sit: Study Mode x1
    Phoru’s Magical Combiner x10 Custom Sit: Troublemaker x1


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