• Ice Burner: Celestial Master – Out Now!

    January 25th, 2017

    Whether you’re into fun astrology or the hard astronomy, you’ll be seeing stars everywhere you go in this beautifully crafted set. Don the attire everywhere you go and you won’t need to bring your friends to space, you’ll be bringing outer space to your friends! Complete this beautiful, starry set today!

     si-IB-celestial-master Ice Burner (Celestial Master, Elsword to Ain)
    1/25/2017 – 4/25/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PDT)
    100 K-Ching
    Ice Burner Trial Ice Burner (Celestial Master Trial Package)
    1/25/2017 – 4/25/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PDT)
    100 K-Ching
    Contains: Ice Burner (Celestial Master) + Celestial Master Trial Cube (1 Day)
    Players can only purchase this package once per account


    Rose and Add si-celestial-master-20170125_02
    Lu and Ciel si-celestial-master-20170125_03
    Ara and Elesis si-celestial-master-20170125_04
    Eve and Chung si-celestial-master-20170125_05
    Rena and Raven si-celestial-master-20170125_06
    Aisha and Elsword si-celestial-master-20170125_07

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