• Winter Vacation Enhancement Event

    December 28th, 2016

    Strike while the iron is hot and this time strike it with no fear! Give your equipment the upgrade it needs for that guaranteed kill. We’ll help you reach your maximum potential with items and bonuses that will make you come out on top in your quest to be the best! Log-in today to join the Winter Enhancement Event!


    Enhancement Week
    12/28/2016 – 1/10/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    • During the event, we’ll give everyone a chance to enhance their equipment. The required amount of materials (Blessed Fluorite Ore, Blessed Restoration Scroll, Blessed Enhancement Stone) to upgrade one piece of equipment for all enhancement levels has been decreased to one!
    • Also, logging-in for 10 minutes every day will reward players with the following enhancement necessities:
    Timer Event title Condition Reward Limitation
    Daily Enhancement WEEK! 10 mins accumulative connection
    Moonlight El’s Hammer
    Level 10 or above,
    Per account
    20 mins accumulative connection
    [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore x1
    30 mins accumulative connection
    [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll x1

    Moonlight El’s Hammer: Cannot be traded, resold, or stored in Shared Bank. Can stack.
    [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore: Cannot be traded or resold. Can stack and can be stored in Shared Bank.
    [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll: Cannot be traded or resold. Can stack and can be stored in Shared Bank.


    • Players will also be able to exchange 6 [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore for 1 [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll through Ariel but only during the Enhancement event.


    Enhancement Day
    01/07/2017 (12:00 AM PST) – 01/08/2017 (11:59 PM PST)

    • Players who enhance their equipment that is at least level 7 will receive a [Cobo] Magic Amulet Lv 7 – 10 Random Cube (7 Days). The cube is only given once per account so choose carefully which of your characters will get the reward.
    • The reward will not be given when enhancing equipment using the (Old) Enhancement method.


    Enhancement Action!
    12/28/2016 – 1/10/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    • When players log-in during the event, they will notice the Enhancement Event icon on the middle-top part of their screens.
    • Clicking the icon will bring up a list of rewards players will receive when they enhance their equipment.


    • The reward for 50 enhancement attempts is a Master’s Hammer accessory.

    Master's Hammer - 2 edit

    • Master’s Hammer: Cannot be traded, sold, dismantled or stored in Shared Bank.
    • And the reward box for 100 enhancement attempts contains a Legendary Moon Rabbit (Sunglasses) Costume Suit.
    Legendary Moon Rabbit (Sunglasses) Costume Suit

    Moonlight Enhancement
    12/28/2016 – 01/10/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    • A very useful reward is given to players who log-in for at least 30 minutes during the event dates.
    Timer Event title Condition Reward Limitation
    Once Moonlight Enhancement 30 mins accumulative connection
    Moonlight Enhancement Equipment Cube
    Level 10 or above,
    Per account

    Moonlight Enhancement Equipment Cube and its contents: Cannot be traded, resold, stacked, or stored in Shared Bank.

    • A Moonlight Enhancement Equipment Cube will yield the following items when opened:


    +7 Moonlight Enhancement Weapon

    +7 Moonlight Enhancement Armor
    • To use the +7 Moonlight Enhancement Weapon/Armor, you have to first enhance them to +8 to yield the Magic Amulet.
    • Enhancement chances have not been adjusted for this event, so enhancing the items to +8 will solely depend on your luck. It can still be downgraded or even reset to 0 if you’re really unlucky.
    • Once you have successfully managed to get a +8 or above, right-clicking on the item will make a message appear.


    • Extracting will consume 1 Blessed Fluorite Ore and 1 Blessed Restoration Scroll for extracting +8 to +13 Magic Amulets.
    • Successfully extracting a Moonlight Enhancement Armor will yield 2 Armor Only Magic Amulets. Both with the same level of the Moonlight Enhancement Armor you have successfully enhanced it to.
    • Extracting a Moonlight Enhancement Weapon goes through the same process but players can only get one after successful extraction.
    • Both Armor Only Magic Amulets and Weapon Only Magic Amulets can be traded regardless of level.


    Enhancement Package Sale!
    12/28/2016 – 01/10/2017 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

    Enhance your equipment for cheap with these convenient enhancement packages available during the event only. Plus, you can get 3 Bingo Coins inside every Enhancement Package! Don’t miss out!

    Item Components Price

    Blessed Fluorite Ore Package1
    Blessed Fluorite Ore x10
    Blessed Restoration Scroll x2
    Moonlight El’s Hammer x1
    910 K-Ching

    Blessed Fluorite Ore Package 2
    Blessed Fluorite Ore x50
    El’s Hammer x10
    Bingo Coin x3
    2,000 K-Ching

    Blessed Fluorite Crystal Package 1
    Blessed Fluorite Crystal x10
    Blessed Restoration Scroll x2
    Moonlight El’s Hammer x3
    1,670 K-Ching

    Blessed Fluorite Crystal Package 2
    Blessed Fluorite Crystal x30
    El’s Hammer x30
    Bingo Coin x3
    2,770 K-Ching

    Blessed Restoration Scroll Package
    Blessed Restoration Scroll x10 2,000 K-Ching


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