• Update: New PVP Modes

    May 18th, 2016

    Warriors and battle enthusiasts, there’ s a new PVP Mode in town and the champion’s position might have your mark on it! We also have a new PVP feature for 1 on 1 battling. Read on if you want to know more and don’t forget to check out the related events here.

    New PVP Modes


    When you open the Arena or go to Camilla for Sparring, you’ll notice new additions to the interface.

    • At the Arena UI, players will notice a 3 vs 3 Winners’ Match option.
    • Matching System for this mode is the same as the 3:3 Death Match. Winners Match will last for 1,260 seconds.


    • Winners’ Match has also been added to the Sparring Area’s Practice Channel and Free Channel.
      • In Winners’ Match Mode, Kills and play time can be changed to the following options:
        • Kills: 4, 8, 12, 30, 60, 120
        • Play Time: 200, 500, 800, 1100, 10000


    • Each player in a team will be matched based on the following order:
      • In the Arena, the player with the lowest ranking will go before players with the highest ranking.
      • In Sparring, the order of the matches is based on the sequence in which the players joined the room.
    • All non-fighting players will become spectators.
      • Spectators are able to switch camera modes on players who are in the match. They can do this by using the Left CTRL key, similar to Death Match.
      • Spectators cannot be hit.
      • When players die during their matches, they will be placed into the spectators’ section. It will then be the next player in the team’s turn to fight.
    • In the Arena, the game ends when all 3 players have had 2 turns each.
    • In Sparring, the game ends when one of the two teams reaches the objective kill times regardless of turns.

    How to Play

    • Both characters are invincible at the beginning of the match.
    • The players who were chosen to go first will appear in the respawn area. Meanwhile, the player’s team mates will be placed in the spectator area.
    • The player with 0 HP will be moved to the spectator stand and the next player will be summoned to the respawn area.
    • HP and MP of the winning player will not be replenished but newly summoned players will have a full HP and MP when starting.

    Game UI

    1. The player’s icon

    2. Team and opponent’s kill streaks

    3. Team member’s opponent currently playing

    4.Respective kill time
       *Pressing TAB will reveal more details in the UI

    • Each time a match starts, a prompt will appear (red box) showing the players of the current match.
    • When a player has had consecutive wins, their nicknames and the times they’ve won consecutively will be shown in the middle of the screen (blue box).


    New Maps for Winners’ Match

    Ash Covered Arena Chamber of Greed

    Blue Box: Area where the characters starts or respawns
    Red Box: Area for spectators


    Another feature of the PVP update adds the ability to request a 1 on 1 with a player of one’s choice rather than going through random matching as experienced in 1 vs 1 Arena Match. 1 vs 1 Match Request has the same rules as 1 vs 1 Arena Match. However, results will not be reflected on Rank and AP.


    Right-clicking on the character you wish to battle will bring up the character menu, which now includes the 1 vs 1 Match Request option.
    While waiting for a response, the challenger will see a message popup. The challenger cannot do any other system functions unless the player they challenged has chosen to accept or deny the PVP request.
    When a player’s match request has been rejected, the player will not be able to request another PVP match for 10 minutes.

    On the other end, the player requested to a match will have a choice to accept or deny the match via a popup. The window that appears will also include the challenger’s information (character name, rank, and the player’s chance of winning the match against the challenger). When the player has chosen to accept, the match will start.

    Players can choose to turn off their 1 vs 1 Match Request by choosing the “Reject 1v1 Duel Request” option.
    Information about the 1 vs 1 Match Request can be found in Elrios Guide Book in the PVP section.


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