• To the Edge of Elrios

    March 30th, 2016

    Players get ready for a new map! New fields, new monsters, new dungeons and bosses are up ahead. Let this special event prepare you for the journey into the futuristic region of Elysion. Check out the new town of Elysion here

    To the Edge of Elrios!
    Duration: 03/30/2016 – 04/05/2016 (Ends 11:59 PM PDT)


    Ore from Another World: Diceon Exploration
    Players level 10 and above (per character) who log-in for 10 minutes will receive rewards that will aid them in dungeon runs during the event.


    Event Title Rewards
    Enchanted Diceon Weapon +10 Enchanted Diceon Weapon Chest x 1
    Ore from Another World?! Enchanted Diceon Cube x 1

    Enchanted Diceon Weapon
    Damage to player is decreased by 40% for 5 seconds, recover 10 MP per second and movement/jump speed will increase.When hit, there’s a 5% chance that Diceon Magic is activated.
    Enchanted Diceon Cube
    Talk to Yuno to open the cube when you arrive at the Atlas Station.
    The cube will have a 5% chance of exploding in Dungeons when you initiate attacks.
    +10 Enchanted Diceon Weapon Chest
    A box including +10 Enchanted Diceon Weapon. When you open it, can get +10 weapon of Diceon Magic for each character. It will be deleted on MA after Atlas zone 2nd Update Event closes.


    Prepare to Travel to a Different Dimension

    • Transcend! Max Level!
      During the event, players level 80 will acquire exp but will be displayed on the Event Exp Bar instead of the standard exp bar. Once the player reaches 100% on the event exp bar, they will receive a Sage’s Scroll (15 days) through mail. The Sage Scroll will instantly level up a player by 1 when used.
    • Achieve the Highest Level!
      Complete the conditions of each quest to level up instantly and get ready for the reveal of the new town!
    Achieve the Highest Level!
    Event Quest Series
    Condition Rewards Limitation
    Clear Dungeons 2 times in your level range (Except Ruben/Henir) Blazing Growth Medal (1 day) Character Level 10 ~ Level 69
    Achieve level 70 50% of EXP which is for achieving 71 level Character Level 69 above ~ Level 70
    Achieve level 71 50% of EXP which is for achieving 72 level Character Level 70 above ~ Level 71
    Achieve level 72 50% of EXP which is for achieving 73 level Character Level 71 above ~ Level 72
    Achieve level 73 ~ Achieve level 78 50% of EXP which is for achieving for each level Character Level 72 above ~ Level 73
    Character Level 77 above ~ Level 78
    Achieve level 79 50% of EXP which is for achieving 80 level Character Level 78 above ~ Level 79

    Blazing Growth Medal: If the medal is present in the inventory, players will receive +30% bonus EXP. The bonus will stack from multiple medals in the inventory for up to 200% bonus. The bonus from the medal will also stack with EXP Boost Medal from the Item Mall.


    Players who reach level 80 during the event and players who are already level 80 will receive the Heroes of Elrios Cube through mail.

    Cube Name Rewards
    Heroes of Elrios Cube x 1 EXP Boost Medal 1 day Cube x 1 (15 days)
    Luriel’s Complete Recovery Potion x 100
    Arch Angel Costume (15 days) Full Set Cube x 1 (15 days)
    Silver Fox Miho Adult (15 days) x 1 (7 days)
    with fetch aura

    All items in the cube cannot be traded, dismantled, stored in Shared Bank and will be deleted on the next maintenance.


    Towards the Edge of the Elrios Continent

    • Players can do the epic quest “Ep. 20 Start of the Prophecy” in advance. This epic quest would normally appear when you enter Elysion. However, you can only enter the new region by portal when the Atlas Station arrives on April 6th.
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