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  • Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
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  • Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2 Update: Chapter 4 The Red Knight and Nine Tail Epic – Ara and Elesis
    February 17th, 2016

    This entry of the KOG Games Dev Diary brings the inside info on Elsword’s prominent dames most lethal.


    Ara and Elesis are debatably the most beautiful, powerful and amazingly “metal” characters in Elsword (sorry Eve). For some diehard Elesis fans, she’s been Burning Hearts since conception. Yes, you heard correctly, KOG’s flame-haired maiden of mayhem has been a household name for global action game fans since the 2003 launch of their first published title, Grand Chase; as the title character no less! Elsword can learn a lot in regards to saving the world from his big sis.


    Though she may not have the established history, our beloved and mystical ingénue, Ara Haan also has quite a story to tell. Ara’s backstory and conceptual design is inspired by and steeped in ancient Asian tradition(s). Every aspect of her being: Costumes, Weapon, Martial Form, Skill Naming Conventions, Family History and more as influenced by a myriad of myth and factual history from different parts of the far-east. For example, the skill “8 Trigram Palm“ can have its roots traced back 1000 years B.C. to the I-Ching, Taiji, Xingyi, Baguazhang (八卦掌) (the prominent 3-sister-schools of Daoist Gung-Fu) and even some Shao-lin influence. Baguazhang literally translates into “Eight Trigram Palm”. Though rare, Bagua is taught in some martial art schools to this day.
    Why the history lesson?… Well, the complex nature of the Hanja/Kanji/Characters used in the telling of Ara’s story and skills were some of the most difficult to translate, localize, and in some cases, even find words in the western languages that have an equivalent meaning without needing a vastly expanded description. Though daunting, our 9-tailed vixen has always been a favorite to work with from start to finish.


    That being said… We’ve all heard the new voices of Ara, Elesis, Chung and Eve. Eve was voiced by the amazingly talented and charming Bri Knickerbocker, and Ara by the wonderful Dina Sherman. From Batman to Bleach, and Durara to Rurouni Kenshin, these lovely ladies have lent voices that are renowned throughout the anime and gaming worlds to our character lineup. But… this brings up a very interesting point: Why don’t we know who voiced Elesis, Chung and Aisha? For as much as we’d love to tell you, there are some things we cannot disclose in any way. The entertainment world, in all its marvelous glory, has its fair share of red-tape. Though the actors and actresses would love to shout out from the rooftops about how much they loved voicing these characters. This is true (we were there), there are certain obligations, contractual agreements and other types of legal prohibitions that won’t allow them to. However, we won’t stop some of you pro anime fans from making your assumptions. However, we can neither confirm nor deny any of the aforementioned assumptions, guesses and the like. Are they big names… yes, but, that’s as far as we’ll go.


    STAY TUNED…. With Add and Luciel coming, we are nowhere near done, and we have a wonderful surprise for you guys and girls that we think you’ll enjoy. We know… not everybody agrees with the some voice selections; some are loved and some are not… even internally. Just like reading a book, everybody has a different vision. However, we still love your hearing your constructive feedback.


    Speaking of metal… We’re sure you guys and girls heard the very epic and very metal soundtrack bestowed upon us by the amazing talented Tengger Cavalry! Though Ara and Elesis may fight fantastically well together in a 2v2 PvP match, that’s where the similarities stop. We had a helluva time trying to find music that combined the elegantly shamanistic Asian influence of Ara with the hardest hitting, provocative nature of flare-haired Elesis. We looked at the pairing and how to tell the tale in a single video for what felt like an eternity. Magically… (and in a nick of time) the driving guitar and ethereal singing of Nature Ganganbaigal (the award winning composer and Tengger Cavalry’s song writer and front man) went tearing through my cans as if the Golden Horde itself was conquering the Mongolian plains in real-time. We reached out to Nature, and he loved the idea of Ara and Elesis. It was meant to be. So, go check out Tengger Cavalry and give them some love.


    That’s all we have for today. Until next time…. The Red Knight and Nine-Tailed vixen have ushered in the next chapter of Elsword’s Season 2 Epic with reckless abandon! Stay Metal and let’s wreck this boys club and show them how to Fight Like A Girl.


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