• Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
  • Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
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  • Dev Diary: The Royal Treatment – Eve, Chung and a quick NPC Update
    January 28th, 2016

    Welcome back to yet another edition of the KOG Games Dev Diary.


    Enter: The Royals! Eve, Queen of Nasod and the Guardian Prince make a stately entrance onto the red carpet and into the limelight.


    Eve and Chung have been player favorites around the world for years. With Eve’s killer curves, lasers and gang of mecha minions… alongside Chung’s propensity to lock on, lock down and make things explode… Royalty in cold steel has never looked so hot.


    However, a couple questions have loitered about:

    1. Where are the new English voices for our Royal Entourage
    2. From a player’s perspective, why are Hanna and Camilla so not what we had in mind?


    Well, we have answers, and though we too were hoping to have the new voices ready to launch with the Eve and Chung Reborn update, we believed that the current level of VO quality was not what we’d had in mind or hoped for. Though we’ve brought an all-star cast of talent to the Elsword character roster, it doesn’t mean that a star-studded resume makes every actor or actress right for each part. There is a copious cornucopia of factors that have to be taken into consideration when casting talent: talent acquisition, location, production, direction, editing, delivery, implementation, and of course, the actual process of updating actual in-game content.


    In the case of Eve and Chung, we ran into a number of issues throughout the aforementioned process. That being said, it prevented us from being able to add the new voices in time with the latest update. For this, we sincerely apologize. We were all ridiculously excited to update their new voices, but we also believed that the voice over talent we’d selected previously wasn’t right for Eve. She was insanely talented, but she didn’t fit. This has since been remedied, and we are happy to announce that our beloved Eve and Chung voices will be added with the next content update.


    I know some of you have asked: “We heard Chung’s new voice why couldn’t that be updated alone?” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Because we update each patch cycle in 2-character cycles, both characters have to be updated at the same time.


    KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED ~ We will be previewing some sneak-peeks voices during the upcoming Livestream this Friday @ 4:00PM PST!


    Some of you very insightful players have noticed a very significant change in Hanna’s voice. When we heard the way you guys and girls reacted to Hanna and Camilla, it struck a chord. Like we’d stated in the previous Dev Diary, in addition to all of the playable characters, over 100 NPCs had to be voiced, and it’s an extremely arduous process. We felt that Hanna and Camilla needed to be Reborn… again. Hanna has been updated, and Camilla will be updated soon as well. We sincerely appreciate the truly constructive feedback that you guys and girls have provided, and we believe that this was a necessary change. There’s a lot of opinions for and against a number of concepts and direction; there always will be. However, the feedback regarding Hanna and Camilla was unanimous. We believed you all deserved better. Truly, we appreciate your feedback. We couldn’t do what we do every day without all of you.


    Thanks again for tuning in on the newest edition of the Season 2 Dev Diary.


    In the meantime, get in-game and check out the regally splendid 3rd update to Elsword’s Season 2.




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