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  • Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
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  • Dev Diary: Raven, Aisha, NPC Voice Over and the current Bug Fix status update
    January 13th, 2016

    Welcome back to another edition of the KOG Games Dev Diary. Tired, battered, sleep deprived and borderline delirious, all of the KOG Teams are still working around the clock to make sure that today’s update is going smoothly and that any and all reports, feedback and other miscellaneous issues are addressed, accounted for and fixed where possible.


    We’ve seen a lot of great feedback about the star-studded VO cast that we’ve taken a lot of time and energy to bring to all of our players. Good, Bad, indifferent… Is Aisha Loli enough, does Raven sound old enough, is Camilla sassy enough… should thousand year old Glave sound 20!?! We’re listening, and we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the feedback in regards to how you guys and girls are responding to the update, in its entirety, and we like what we see. Please keep the constructive feedback and opinions coming. We know that not everybody may agree with how some of the characters and NPCs have turned out, but we also know that a lot of players love them too. We can understand and appreciate both sides. There are some things we are limited on, and others, we’ll do our best to accommodate. As far as Character and NPC dialogue is concerned, all in-game and voice dialogue has been directly translated and localized from the existing Korean text by KOG/KOG Games translation staff. So, just to alleviate any speculation as to whether it is legitimate or not.


    With 10.5 main characters, and over 100 NPCs, with THOUSANDS of recorded and edited lines in the process of going into the game, it’s been one heck of an incredible journey, and a great learning experience as well. Including those actors that voiced the NPCs, it’s been an absolute joy working with some of the most talented VO professionals in the industry. Many of them are some of the nicest people I’ve met. Being anime and gaming fans ourselves, there were times where it was hard to sit in the studio and not geek out ourselves.


    We wanted to let everybody know that not all our VO cast will be able to provide an interview or even see mention of some names on the credits. This is a common practice in this industry, and though we’d love to put every one of them up in lights, unfortunately, we won’t be able to. However, some of our actors and staff are happy to oblige! You’ve already seen and heard Michael Sorich, Cristina Vee and Nicolas Roye. Brian Beacock and others will be gracing our ranks with some words of their own soon as well! Keep your eyes glued to the Elsword website, FB page, Twitch channel and the forums, more sneak peeks will be heading or way as the epic Season 2 updates continue.


    Now… On to the technical side of things:

    • The reported Common/Shared Bank issues: Our team has a fix that’s being implemented and tested. We’ve gained some ground on the overall fix, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Unless the items have been physically removed by player’s themselves, the “missing” items are still in fact there, but the image/UI is not being represented correctly. We’re close to an actual fix. Tentatively, the full fix should be applied on 1/27/16
    • The issue with Perkisas Rank display issue is a multifaceted issue, and not being caused by one particular bug. We’re still investigating whether or not this has been fully resolved, and we’ll post an update as soon as possible
    • Son Goku Skill Activation Issue: This has been fixed with today’s maintenance
    • The Powerful Stigma Shot’s super armor effect issue has been resolved with today’s maintenance
    • The issue with the Guild Service application (when a Character joins a Guild) for those who use the Guild service has been fixed with today’s maintenance
    • We fixed the issue with the graphical anomaly (the black line in Elsword/Infinity Sword) associated with the Conwell weapon when overlaid vs certain backgrounds
    • The issue with the Lord of inferno motion has been fixed with today’s patch
    • And Finally…. Due to popular demand by our wonderful players: Apples have been added to the Alchemist NPC shop!


    These are the issues that we were able to address in today’s patch. We are aware of the issues that have been reported to us, and we can’t thank you guys and girls enough for helping us by being our eyes and ears, and reporting any issues that you find. Remember, the better detailed your reports are, the better apt we are to be quick and concise with our fixes. Keep the reports and feedback coming!


    We’ll be back with another edition of the Elsword Dev Diary soon.
    In the meantime, get in-game and check out the 2nd update to Elsword’ Season 2 epic.
    Play your Manga!

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