• Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
  • Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
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  • Dev Diary: Prelude to Season 2
    December 2nd, 2015

    We’re rolling out the details about what’s new in Season 2 with the all new Prelude to Season 2 Dev Diary. In addition to all of the craziness that will be coming with the all new, episodic Season 2 updates, this wonderful ode to all things Elsword (the Dev Diary) will represent a whole other part to the S2 updates, but more on that later.


    Let’s begin at the beginning…


    Tutorials and starting zones. As many of you have already noticed, the starting zones for each and every character in Elsword has gone through a complete overhaul. The reason for this update is something we’ve wanted to bring to our players for a long time. In the world of MMORPGs, the term “ever-expanding” is thrown around a lot. However, when Elsword originally launched, there were only 3 characters. From a storytelling perspective, telling the story of the 3 main characters is relatively easy, but as you all know, there are now 10; 10 very different and distinct characters with very different backgrounds and attributes that they all bring to the ElGang as individuals. That being said, we wanted players to experience this brief tale of how each character joined the El Search party from their own perspective. And, the new Starting Zones/Tutorials would then lead up to the chase after Banthus and right into Velder. This also allows you players to break the redundancy of magically starting out in the same place, doing the same thing every time, and have a unique game experience with the start of each new character.


    There’s a new Raid Boss in Town, and he’s changing everything about how Raids work:


    It’s not all story-time and starter zone lollygagging in Season 2. Now onto Perkisas, the all-new, red dragon Raid Boss. As the living incarnation of greed, the massive embodiment of insatiability, Perkisas ushers all other Raid Bosses aside, and tears into our gallant band of Elsword heroes quicker than Santa through a plate of hot cookies. However, there’s a big difference between the Perkisas encounter and all other previous Raid Bosses. This all new, platform-based, 8-man Raid Content isn’t end-game only… All players, level 15 and up (with the 1st Job Change completed), get a shot at Perkisas. This big bad greed monger doles out death with equal opportunity.


    Perkisas is a giver. He brings with him a completely remodeled and upgraded Raid Mode. The new Raid Mode has a new UI that displays a scoring system, reward/loot info, Boss health status and an epic ranking system for both individual Characters and Guilds. This new Raid Mode will extend beyond Perkisas and be applied to all future Raid Content as well. And, that’s not all, for the Perkisas encounter, Resurrections will be unlimited! It isn’t so much about killing the boss (which would be amazing anyways), the incremental goals are measured and rewarded throughout the Raid encounter, and displayed via this new Raid UI.


    What you don’t see and what’s to come:


    Though we’re only in the “Prelude” phase of Season 2, the episodic role out of the next phase belongs to the long awaited Character Revamps. Though we can’t go into too much detail now, we will hint at what is to come and what our players can expect. The S2 character revamp offers something different for each and every character in the game. Some characters may get a fresh new coat of paint, others will get a complete, ground-up overhaul. Basically, we’ve not only looked at how the individual characters stack up against each other, but how the individual Jobs compare for each character as well. For example: Eve fans from way back understand that Code: Battle Seraph changed the game for Eve players everywhere. Her amazing mobility and ability to LaZ0r anything in sight was a beautiful thing. However, this displaced how the other 2 Jobs faired on the grand scheme of things. So, we thought, instead of nerfing CBS, how about evolving and bringing the other Jobs up to a comparable level of playability, fun and competitiveness. Now, if you take a step back and look at the big picture, we would then apply that same logic to how all of the characters stack up against each other. Wow… even thinking about just how bold that statement is, is daunting. However, this is something we’re taking very seriously. Now, we completely understand (first-hand, and years in) at just how difficult game balance can be for ANY game, but though our work is truly cut out for us, we’re up for the challenge. We will bring you many more details about the Character Revamp in the upcoming Dev Diaries.


    Speaking of character updates. We’ve decided to send the kids away to school (if you will). We’re sending them to study abroad; to a full-immersion class in a faraway land. I believe the name of this exotic locale is Burbank. Be sure that you’ll hear more about this update later on.


    Elsword, as a game, isn’t the only thing getting revamped. KOG Games has been making a lot of changes to both internally and externally as well. For starters, some players may have noticed a major increase in GM visibility and interaction, and they’re just getting warmed up. You’ll start to see more GM presence on the Forums (both new and old GMs will be there), greater presence in-game, more tournaments and even bigger and better in-game, weekly events. We want to exact a concerted effort in reaching out to our players and doing our best to provide the best service possible. We fully understand that there are a number of areas that we can improve upon, we will do our absolute best to make it happen.


    Thank you all who’ve taken the time to read this Dev Diary entry. Your continued dedication and support to Elsword has been and will always be greatly appreciated. See you next week for the all new Season 2 Dev Diary.



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