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  • Dev Diary: Revert Name Restrictions, Grand Chase IM Costumes, Add More Channels
    May 14th, 2015

    Revert Name Restrictions
    An issue brought up by forumer Peper0chan, naming restrictions were placed in the game disallowing players to create names with including any Elsword character names. This created issues for players regarding the freedom to create names and also disallowed players to go through with marriage proposals if a player had an Elsword character name within their own name.
    The forum thread and feedback was reviewed by us and we internally decided to revert the restrictions. As of yesterday’s patch the issue should now be fixed and players can now create names with Elsword character names as long as the name isn’t a character name by itself such as “Elsword”. The issue with marriage and pet naming should also be resolved.
    However keep in mind, from reading the thread, most of the names you guys wrote down that you tried were not allowed because the name was taken, not because of the naming restriction.
    Bring Grand Chase Characters as IM costumes
    This was a suggestion started by mancake on the forums to bring Grand Chase character costumes in to Elsword. Ideally, the suggestion involves having costumes or costume suits for Elsword characters to resemble the exact looks of Grand Chase characters. Since Grand Chase has recently been closed, this would further immortalize Grand Chase as a memento into its sister game Elsword.
    This is actually a really good idea that we like and we are very open to developing these. We are all very sentimental for Grand Chase and would love to see this in-game as well. However we would definitely also appreciate more thorough and constructive suggestions on the specific designs or assigned costumes to characters. We would want the public opinion first on the best assigned Grand Chase character to Elsword costume before proceeding with the proposal to our art teams. So break out the thinking caps and post more constructive examples to get the community backing.
    Add More Channels
    Mystio has created a thread suggesting we add more channels to improve our server. We have discussed this issue with our technical crew and have information to provide you. As of now, our Elsword game servers and channel allocations are equipped to handle about 3 times more than what our current online player base is. Even if a channel says “Busy”, that channel is equipped to handle many more players than are currently online. We have technical support crews on standby 24/7, monitoring our game servers and we have never reported our channels reaching overload status.
    Now with that being said, we are not denying that players are experiencing lag in specific cases. Please note that PVP and Dungeon play connection quality with other players will vary depending on each player’s connection quality. We understand that this is frustrating; however it is not easy to resolve. Going forward, we are discussing this issue more with our technical crews and we will discuss and address opening up more channels for higher leveled players as a first step. Thanks for your patience.

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