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  • Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
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  • Dev Diary: Pesop’s Robe, Removing Items from 1v1 Arena
    May 29th, 2015

    Transparent Costume Suits and Pesop’s Robe
    We’ve received a lot of feedback this week about finally getting transparent costume suits but only to discover that Pesop’s Robe (Transparent Costume Suit) is only available through timed version and is limited sale period. Pesop’s Robe was planned to be released specifically for Lanox release due to the dungeon stats provided. We believed that the extra dungeon stats would pair perfectly with the new dungeon and level cap increase, providing that extra boost of stats for those who wished to invest in the item. However as some of you may know, the extra boost in dungeon stats provided by this costume suit are quite higher than any costume item has ever provided and thus systematically, we cannot provide this costume for sale permanently.
    Along with your feedback, we have been definitely paying attention to the forum thread from Peper0chan about brining Transparent Costume Suits to Elsword. We will be monitoring the statistics and feedback of Pesop’s Robe and will use that data to further invest our time into planning and implementing other means of Transparent Costume Suits in the future. We thank you for your feedback about this matter and we hope to be able to bring you more costume suit options.
    Removing Items from 1v1 Arena
    This is a topic which probably has been discussed since the beginning of Elsword, however recently picked up traction again by former MasQa. The suggestion is to remove Items spawns from 1v1 arena due to the unfairness it creates. Whether it be receiving a healing item to getting stuck in a free catch by a Dryad’s, our community members have voiced their concerns that having these items ruins the competitive spirit of a clean match without any hindrances.
    Most of our high ranked PVP community have created etiquette for purposely not using the items or pausing the action if an item is accidentally picked up, thus our players have suggested that the items be removed specifically from 1v1 Arena due to the impact it has. We have discussed this internally and unfortunately we cannot make any drastic changes at the moment. Removing these items from 1v1 Arena PVP will affect all versions of Elsword internationally and cannot be removed from our version alone. Thus, because not all versions may feel the same way, we cannot immediately move to remove it.
    We’ll still continue to monitor feedback and theorize possible ways to create different modes with improved PVP environments.

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