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  • Dev Diary: Silver Fossils, Tournament Restrictions
    April 17th, 2015

    Silver Fossils
    A suggestion from forumer TianoSuru: To make something similar to Gold Ice Burners where past pets and mounts are placed back into circulation. As of recently most pets except for seasonal, rare or special event pets have been placed back into the Item Mall permanently and we do believe that making old rare pets and mounts back into circulation for players to purchase is a good idea.
    As of now, we have already started the planning in order to accomplish this; however we are still discussing the method in order to do it. We want to make sure this method makes the most sense to us and our players. We hope to bring the chance to obtain old pets and mounts as soon as we can.
    PVP Tournament Restrictions
    As we announced early this month, we will be having another tournament in early May and it will be announced soon. However at this time, we have internally discussed that we want to implement additional restrictions including Rank and Level. Our current plans are to only allow players who have SSS Rank and Level 70 to compete in official tournaments.
    The reasons are as follows:
    1. We believe that those who have achieved the highest level of competitiveness should be given more priority to compete. Because we have limited spots for tournaments, often players of higher rank and capped level are losing spots to those with lower leveled characters and less rank due to registration priority.
    2. First round preliminaries are more than often becoming 2-0 matches due to stronger teams going up against those lower leveled and rank players. We believe that the experience could be improved in an official tournament. Having quick wipes in the preliminaries means that our players aren’t experiencing the highest level of PVP competition that a tournament should embody. Obviously there will always be stronger and weaker teams in tournaments, however we believe with the restrictions, the effect would lessen.
    With these restrictions, we hope that more players who play at a high level of PVP in our community are encouraged to join so that we see a more exciting and competitive tournament.
    Let us know what you think in the Dev Diary forum feedback thread.

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