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  • Dev Diary: Elsword Season 2...
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  • Welcome to the Elsword Dev Diary!
    March 11th, 2015

    Greetings Elpeeps!
    We’d like to give you guys and girls a great big warm welcome to our new Elsword Dev Diary. This will be the first of many Dev Diary entries that will provide all of our Elsword players with direct feedback on current Elsword game issues, questions about the game itself, and even providing some direct feedback regarding some awesome player suggestions.
    Though it’s a been a KOG standard to read and take into consideration each and every bug report and suggestion post on the Official Elsword Forums as well consider those same topics from every Game Support Ticket players submit, we believe that we need to one-up that standard and directly discuss some major points with this special blog.
    With teams ranging from Game Design all the way to Customer Service (and everything in between), we’ll do our absolute best to address everything from the progress of current issue resolution, player feedback, major concerns and questions that affect the entire Elsword community… all the way to filling you in on some pesky story-line cliff hangers!
    You’ll be able to read a variety of topics brought to you directly from the very creators of Elsword, KOG.
    Make sure to check back on a weekly basis for new Dev Diary entries!

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