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  • Dev Diary: X-Trap, Magical Wardrobe, Rita, MEB 2.0, ED Cap
    March 26th, 2015

    Greetings Elpeeps!
    Here’s this week’s entry!
    1. Changing Security Solutions
    Elsword is currently utilizing the security solution known as X-trap provided by Wiselogic. X-trap is an anti-cheating program utilized within the game to prevent players from using hacking programs. The way these programs operate is much like an anti-virus program. It is launched along with the game and continues to monitor your computers processes while the game continues to run. This program will then monitor and terminate applications defined as a malicious or suspicious intent to modify or exploit the game.
    A lot of you have voiced your concerns through our game support ticketing system and forums about complications running Elsword and X-trap. While our game support specialists can provide you with immediate assistance on how to remedy these problems, such as modifying settings with your own personal anti-virus programs, we understood the inconvenience our players experienced with these complications and directly took in your feedback to make our decision of changing security solutions from X-Trap to Gameguard.
    Gameguard, another similar security solution company and product, is currently servicing all other versions of Elsword published around the world, except for ours. We have decided to switch over for the fact that Gameguard is already highly experienced in working with Elsword and they have been reliably supporting Elsword for the past few years. We are confident that Gameguard will be able to provide Elsword and our players with a stable service and a strong relationship of securing Elsword free from hacking and third-party programs.
    The planned change will be taking place next week during 3/31 patch maintenance; however this may be subject to change.
    2. Magical Wardrobe Feature
    As some of you have discovered from a post on Europe’s Elsword Community Forums, they had publicly announced that the Magical Wardrobe feature would not be updated into their Elsword. The Magical Wardrobe is a feature currently implemented in Elsword Korea where players can overwrite the looks of certain items with “Magical Wardrobe” enabled items in order to keep desired stat options of the overwritten item.
    Unfortunately we can confirm that we also do not have plans for this feature to be updated at this time. Due to the outcome of this system in Elsword Korea, we are still in process of assessing the feasibility of this feature in our game. We will keep you updated on the progress of our development.
    3. No, Not Rita!
    A really nice and emotional suggestion from the forums regarding the Rita NPC from the Welcome Grand Chase events was to keep her in the game as a new NPC. Rita is an original NPC from Grand Chase who was responsible for the Coordishop (Selling equipment to modify players looks like costumes). She is currently making a guest appearance for the Welcome Grand Chase events, but will depart once the events end.
    This is quite emotional, especially for players who have played Grand Chase due to the game closing in the next coming months. Keeping Rita in Elsword was a suggestion to immortalize her as a memento of Grand Chase. However unfortunately, adding an NPC to the game is not an easy decision to make as a new NPC would totally change the way the game functions and its core design.
    Thus we are not able to immediately decide on implementing her as a permanent NPC, as the decision and changes would need to be reflected upon all versions of Elsword. This will be a matter discussed by the developer team and we will have considerations to bring her back and hire her for future events.
    4. MEB Sound Glitch 2.0
    As an update, a fix was rolled out into Elsword on 3/18 patch for the Mega Electron Ball glitch, however after a collection of test data from our players, we found that the glitch was still existing on only Code Battle Seraph, however the effects of the sound glitch have been reduced. Due to Code Battle Seraph having 2 charging abilities, the glitch was not fully resolved in all testing scenarios. We took the data you guys gave us and have done our own internal testing. Our teams are aware of the evidence and will be attempting to fully resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience.
    5. Increasing the ED Cap
    A lot of players have given feedback about increasing the ED Cap. Basically increasing the amount of ED a character can hold. We have been aware of this suggestion, however there are obvious pros and cons our players have already laid out. If the cap was increased, players would be less victim to being scammed due to being able to buy items beyond the cap limit. However also if the cap was increased, players fear that the prices of items would inflate due to being able to carry more money in their pockets. At the time we cannot make any changes to the ED cap, however that doesn’t mean it won’t be changed. We are still monitoring and collecting data about this suggestion. So let us know if you guys/girls have anymore suggestions about this issue.
    We’ll be back next week! In the mean time, let us know what other kinds of topics you want us to cover in the forum thread!

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