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    March 12th, 2015

    Hey Elpeeps!
    For our first entry in the Elsword Dev Diary, we’ll play catch up and address a few long time standing and heavily backed topics/issues from the community.
    1. Windows 8 FPS Cap in Arena’s
    Operating system issues and changes are a very sensitive issues shared by all game developers. Games are effectively software, and software is designed to function optimally within whatever current OS environments are standard at that time. That being said, Microsoft has completely reinvented the Windows operating system 3 times since the launch of Elsword, and though some initial obstacles were present, Elsword held up well. In some cases, we have to work directly with Microsoft to resolve issues. The framework (or in some cases unmodifiable hard code) any game is built on may not necessarily be openly compatible with all aspects of a new OS environment. Certain functions of the game may not be properly calibrated to provide the same results as they had with a previous operating system.
    With that being said, we have discovered the problem relating to certain core game files which are not fully compatible with Windows 8. At this time, we’re working hard to provide a fix.
    Some of us use Windows 8 in the office ourselves, and we’ve been able to recreate some of the reported issues, but because a fix will require a lengthy, in-depth Dev processes, we ask that you guys and girls please bear with us for the time being. We’ll continue to provide any updates as soon as possible so that you can fully enjoy your Arena experience.
    2. Spectator Mode
    Spectator Mode has been a highly requested feature from our community. Not only will a spectator mode allow players to run better quality tournaments, if implemented in Elsword, it would allow players to spectate Sparring PVP Matches as a non-participant. We definitely believe that this is a beneficial feature to both KOG and our community. As KOG, we would additionally utilize this more robust feature to help us monitor questionable player activity in both PVP rooms and Dungeons. This will allow us to action against hacks, bad behavior and provide a cleaner environment for our community.
    From a player’s perspective, our PVP community would easily have the option to conveniently run their own tournaments as well as promote simple, casual PVP spectating in sparring. This feature would encourage players to learn from our PvP Pros and other more experienced players.
    As some of you may know, our Game Master’s have a simple version of this feature. However, the implementation of this feature to all players will not be easy and will require some major development and modification to the game. We have acknowledged this suggestion and request from our Elsword community, and we are currently in discussion about how feasible it would be to implement this feature, and if so, when.
    We will definitely support the PVP Community, and we want you guys and girls to have this feature to further enhance your PVP experience as well as help build a stronger community.
    3. Mega Electron Ball Sound Glitch
    A loud piercing ringing in your ears! Mega Electron Ball has the most peculiar bug in the game, which has been proven to be most elusive and annoying at the same time. When using Eve’s Mega Electron Ball skill repeatedly, a left over sound bite would constantly play and stay, while overlapping. Thus creating a stacked sound bite of piercing ringing. We have forwarded the evidence our community has worked so hard to collect and provided for us.
    With all the information the community provided us, our engineers have just recently been able to pinpoint the problem and found a solution to fix the issue. As of now the fix is still being internally tested in a QA environment and we will roll out the fix as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!
    Thanks for reading and see you next week for another entry in the Elsword Dev Diary!

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