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  • Dev Diary: Reaper Title, Kick System
    March 19th, 2015

    Hey Elpeeps!
    This week we’ll cover two topics about the recently announced Reaper Title adjustment and the Kick System.
    1. Reaper Title
    The Reaper title is a unique and powerful title first introduced when the Sander Village and Dungeon expansion came to Elsword last year. Reaper provided 3 unique benefits only accessible through this title: 3% chance of summoning Sword of the Evil Spirit, 3% chance of summoning Sword of the Deal Soul and 3% chance of summoning Sword of the Dead Spirit. These proc chance attacks would appear from basic attacking in the form of ghostly swords, all having different mechanics.
    Sword of the Evil Spirit can increase your MP gained, Sword of the Dead Soul can reduce armor/defense, while Sword of the Dead Spirit being a standard attack. All attacks of this title have immense utility and damage, superior to anything else. While acquiring the title was originally developed with very high range of difficulty, this didn’t stop our most dedicated Elsword players from obtaining it. That being said, many Reaper titles were being used in PVE and PVP environments. Due to the mechanics of this title, you can understand how much of a disadvantage you would be at if you did not have this title. Though intensely awesome, we believe that the benefits of this title considerably outweighed the work required to obtain it.
    If you haven’t recently read the Elsword website, we have announced that the Reaper title will be removed in the following months. Beyond the functionality concerns, we’ve been taking game data and player feedback into consideration, and we have decided to remove the ability to further obtain this title. Game balance is a very important subject for us in and of itself (yes, we know we have a lot of work to do), but with an item this powerful negatively impacting that balance, we’ve decided to remove the ability to acquire it going forward. However, we realize this does not completely solve the problem and we will continue to investigate ways to achieve a better balance for those who already have it. If you have any ideas or feedback, leave a comment in the forums!

    2. Kick System

    With Elsword being a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, player interaction is an integral part of the game. That being said, player interactions can have an absolutely positive, or dismally negative impact on your Elsword experience. Elsword allows both the manual creation of player parties and also automatic matching of players together for Dungeon runs. Unfortunately, the process of automated dungeon party creation (fun with random strangers or PUGs) has a few inherent flaws, and some less-than-productive players have been known to exploit them.
    The act of “Leeching” or “Afking” in dungeon runs has been a long time issue within Elsword. This is the act of a player intentionally not participating in a dungeon in a way that benefits him while the other players are clearing the dungeon. Simply, they don’t contribute to game-play and leech EXP gained from the other players doing all the work.

    We acknowledge this behavior as detrimental to our players and community. We have read your concerns over the past years about suggestions on how to remedy this issue. There are obvious Pro’s and Con’s to each solution. Certain solutions become a “double-edged swords” whereas while it can be useful, players will also find ways to abuse it. The most popular solution would be the “Vote Kick System”. This feature would allow players in said parties to initiate a vote amongst everyone in the party to remove the player in question. A successful majority vote against said player would initiate an automated “kick” or removal from the party, thus removing the problem of leeching or afking.

    As explained above, the Con to this solution would be abusing this system to remove players who are legitimately playing the dungeon. There could be various reasons as to why someone might abuse the system, such as players getting into arguments, players being “trolls” or simple bad behavior.

    That being said, we believe the Pro’s outweigh the Con’s for this feature. The Vote Kick System has been created and will be rolled out soon to players next month. By implementing this feature we hope to remedy one of the issues our players have been plagued by and we hope to keep improving your experience inside Elsword. Once the feature is implemented, we will monitor the outcome and hope to hear your feedback as well.

    KOG’s goal is to create a fun game for players and by doing this we hope you can enjoy Elsword to your heart’s content.

    Thanks for reading and look out next week as we’ll double up on the topics and get down to some juicy details!

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