• Game Update: Ruben and Elder Renewal

    December 3rd, 2014
    Many high-level Elpeeps have left Ruben and Elder ages ago, but deep inside you know you miss these villages’ dungeons and quirks. Now you have a reason to come back—awesome improvements are now happening in Ruben and Elder. Check them out today!

    General Changes
    Here’s a list of changes that are common to Ruben and Elder.

    • The length of certain dungeons has been reduced.
    Dungeon: Forest Ruins
    Very Hard
    si-rubenandelder-1 si-rubenandelder-2
    Dungeon: Banthus Cave
    Very Hard
    si-rubenandelder-3 si-rubenandelder-4
    • Unnecessary terrains have been removed.
    Dungeon Tree of El
    si-rubenandelder-5 si-rubenandelder-6
    • Strong monsters now have a bigger range of motion that allows players to easily dodge attacks.
    • New story scenes! When certain bosses appear, a video plays automatically. You may close the scene by pressing the ESC key. (All members of a party must press the ESC key to skip the scene.)


    Changes in Ruben Dungeons

    • Dungeon structures have been simplified.
    Dungeons Structure
    • Tree of El (Normal Difficulty)
    • Forest Ruins (Normal, Hard, Very Hard)
    • White Mist Swamp (Normal, Hard, Very Hard)

    Changes in Elder Dungeons

    • Shadow Forest is improved with better quality scenery and monsters made more frightening!

    si-rubenandelder-9 si-rubenandelder-10

    • Dungeon Structures have changed as follows.
    Dungeons Structure
    • Shadow Forest (Normal, Hard, Very Hard)
    • Suburb of Wally’s Castle (Normal, Hard, Very Hard)
    • Banthus Cave (Normal, Hard, Very Hard)
    • Underground Waterway (Normal, Hard, Very Hard)
    Wally’s Castle(Normal, Hard, Very Hard) si-rubenandelder-13
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