• Hunting Erilot

    October 8th, 2014

    The season of fright is upon us. Already Ariel’s dreams are being plagued by nightmares, and such a diligent worker can’t really afford to lose any more sleep. Heed Ariel’s call to track down the notorious nightmare creature known as Erilot, and maybe you’ll help her get some much needed beauty rest!

    Search for Erilot’s Base
    Pre-Halloween Event
    Duration: 10/8/2014 – 10/14/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PDT)

    • Log in and stay in the game for 30 minutes to receive a Map of Erilot’s Base.
    Timer Type Timer Title Clear Condition Rewards Limitation
    Once Map of Erilot’s Base 30 min. connection Map of Erilot’s Base 1ea. Lv. 10 or above,
    Per account
    • Take on the following quests from Ariel.
    Quest Type Quest Name NPC Clear Condition Reward Limitation
    Repeat Search for Erilot’s Base Ariel Clear dungeons in your level range 2 times 1 Ariel’s Special Coupon Lv 10 or above
    Per character
    Normal Ariel’s Special Gift
    (2nd – 4th  Week, 10/15/2014 – 11/4/2014)
    Ariel 1 Map of Erilot’s Base30 Ariel’s Special Coupons <Select Reward>
    1 Luriel’s Blessed Time & Space Scroll Exchange Ticket (15 days),
    1 Luriel’s Fluorite Ore Exchange Ticket (15 days),
    1 Luriel’s Lv. 6 Magic Amulet (15 days)
    Map of Erilot’s Base
    • Collect Ariel’s Special Coupons and exchange them for useful items.
    Exchange Type NPC Material Rewards
    Select Ariel 1 Ariel’s Special Coupon 1 Resurrection Stone(1ea) Cube
    1 El Tree Seed
    1 Stamina Potion
    1 Luriel’s Complete Recovery Potion
    Select Ariel 10 Ariel’s Special Coupons 10 Advanced Magic Stones
    10 Luriel’s Awakening Potions
    10 El Shards(Mystery)
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