As the battle against the Nasod army rages on in Altera, Ain slowly starts to feel that the enemies are overwhelming the Goddess’ powers as it reached its limits.


Ain found himself growing tired as he was not entirely devoted to his mission but the news that the Nasod King and his army are gaining momentum in the battlefield reinvigorated his spirits. He decided to become fully committed to his mission as the Goddess’ Emissary this time around. Ain ended up releasing the limiter of his own Goddess’ power and activating Erst der Letzt, the strongest sword given by the Goddess.

  • Reinforced Projection permanently increases awakening duration.
  • Converts damage received converts it into Power
  • Critical and Critical Damage increased permanently. Also, able to reduce cooldown of all skills.



Ain Official Reveal Trailer





Combos are one of the highlights of Elsword Online. This simple system uses a combination of button presses using the 4 directional keys ( ) and the 2 attack keys, Z and X. As you level up into more advanced job classes, more specialized combos will be open to you. When you’re ready to get really tricky, you can link combos and skills together to create masterpieces of devastation. The combos themselves have alternatives as illustrated by the branches in the chart. Start with these basic attack combos.

Z = Fast attack speed but low damage
X = Low attack speed but high damage